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Pronounced "Smitty" - Gameplay, Funny Moments, Hilarity & More!


10:53My Battlefield 2042 Beta Experience
10:32My Call of Duty Vanguard Beta Experience
27:13This video is filled with Evil UNO Energy
15:29GTA 5 Races where everything goes wrong
GTA 5 Races where everything goes wrongGanger 1,5 mill15 dager siden
1:51:29This Game Will Blow Your Mind
This Game Will Blow Your MindGanger 2,8 mill15 dager siden
22:01The Most Efficient Way to Lose at UNO
The Most Efficient Way to Lose at UNOGanger 1,2 mill22 dager siden
18:13GTA 5 Races are mentally exhausting
GTA 5 Races are mentally exhaustingGanger 1,4 mill29 dager siden
16:02Chivalry 2 is Nothing but Chaos
Chivalry 2 is Nothing but ChaosGanger 1,5 millMåned siden
32:33Another Lawn Mowing Simulator Video
Another Lawn Mowing Simulator VideoGanger 738 kMåned siden
21:47This is why you should play Far Cry 6
This is why you should play Far Cry 6Ganger 1,5 millMåned siden
20:54GTA 5 Races were a bad idea
GTA 5 Races were a bad ideaGanger 2,1 millMåned siden
16:14Mario Golf is not golf... It's worse
Mario Golf is not golf... It's worseGanger 1,2 millMåned siden
21:14Warzone Strat Roulette but I make the Strats
30:29Just Another Teardown Video
Just Another Teardown VideoGanger 1,1 mill2 måneder siden
21:56PowerWash Simulator is still the King of Satisfaction
32:31The Second Most Satisfying Game Ever Created
The Second Most Satisfying Game Ever CreatedGanger 1,7 mill2 måneder siden
20:48This might be the funniest video on my channel
This might be the funniest video on my channelGanger 2,2 mill2 måneder siden
12:48Mini Golf with Kryoz, Panda and Guy
Mini Golf with Kryoz, Panda and GuyGanger 1,1 mill2 måneder siden
13:09This is what the future looks like
This is what the future looks likeGanger 1 mill2 måneder siden
31:19There's something wrong with this Mario Party video
13:37EXPIRED MILK #19 (Funny Moments)
EXPIRED MILK #19 (Funny Moments)Ganger 1,6 mill2 måneder siden
30:13Another PowerWash Simulator Video
Another PowerWash Simulator VideoGanger 1,5 mill2 måneder siden
37:31This is the best PowerWash Simulator mission
This is the best PowerWash Simulator missionGanger 1,7 mill3 måneder siden
17:25Mario Golf is not golf... It's better
Mario Golf is not golf... It's betterGanger 1,6 mill3 måneder siden
15:00They put me in a Mini Golf map!
They put me in a Mini Golf map!Ganger 1,6 mill3 måneder siden
30:54Warzone but we can only open ONE crate
Warzone but we can only open ONE crateGanger 3,8 mill3 måneder siden


  • Not sure if you read comments. But I just got told my grandfather who raised me passed away this morning. And I watched this video and it made me laugh and made me feel a little better, thank you smii7y

  • Mat works for Uber Flights now 🤣

  • B L A R G

  • Next strat by puffer

  • Tbh blarg supplies most of the laughter

  • warzone with matt is like taking care of a mogwai from gremlins lol

  • I want Puffer to do the Strats now! Then Droid!

  • I like that SMii7Y’s respective subtitle is grey now

  • When is Mr Smitters playing halloween event?

  • Have to do a strat roulette where they take every strat from the whole video into the last game and try to win

  • The ubet strat reminds me of the transit map because you cant move until the bus get back

  • His signature strat is Hot Dog

  • Bunger Bunger Bunger Bunger Bunger Bunger Bunger Bunger Bunger Bunger Bunger Bunger


  • Love this…

  • i was really hoping at first for the kill smii7y strat but keep matt from killing himself was great lol

  • The more you try to keep Matt alive, the more number of ways he finds to get himself killed.

  • This was crazy funny, I'd love to see more of this. Blarg is a content orchestra and Smii7y is the maestro who plays it out so well

  • Claim your here within an hour ticket here

  • I am the master now🤣🤣🤣

  • My brain hurts

  • Instead of a strat each game they should do a different strat every time the circle closes

  • this has to go in blargs best of 2021

  • Bunger

  • Bunger

  • Smii7y bunger

  • This is not strat roulette, Its Matt Roulette

  • Bunger

  • Bunger

  • Buger

  • Bunger

  • did they bring back old gulag?

  • 13:51 "My name is Jafar and I will be your Uber driver today."

  • I've been waiting since my birth for this shit

  • :D

  • Smi7y still likes his own vids Lmao😂😂

  • 9:09 cya world He had to give a thumbs up for goodbye moment

  • This right here is absolute gold

  • Whenever Smii7y posts, I scream without the “s” 😩

  • Imagine using matt's call out with grizzy in the team

  • Warzone Moments but Smii7y, Puffer, and Droid have to Babysit Blarg.

  • i am a simple person. i see a smiity video, i click. i see blarg in a smiity video, i click faster. it is a recipe for guaranteed chaos and i am HERE for it

  • Matt: whats strats Everyone: this is gonna be great

  • The disbelief in your voice when Blarg hit that thermite is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Oh yes

  • Matt literally made himself the Transit bus in the last strat lmaooo

  • Blarg and helicopters is like dogs and dark chocolate

  • I only have 2 words for ya (+4): Pure chaos Nothing new here mate

  • I wake up and watched an animated smii7y video and then later in the day he uploaded a new video

  • Blarg is the best

  • this game predicted covid, at the beginning the guy has a patch that says co19 short for... you guessed it COVID 19

  • The last strat should be an entire video

  • I love this

  • Hardest I've laughed in a long time

  • Hey smii7y I love your content and videos everyday but just a suggestion I don’t really enjoy war zone much at all it’s your channel and still support you to grow and make content but just a suggestion

  • Them: the second strat is to not give any call outs and just say "over there" My teammates: *I am a master of this skill*

  • That scream from blarg made someone in the next room jump... i live alone.

  • This thumbnail looks oddly familiar.

  • I think we all know Blarg said to be protected. It was payback from trying to get him killed last time

  • Blarq is now daddy

  • Hey smii7y i got a strat the strat is don't fucking die 10min in the game

  • Wow they are FUCKED

  • Good video

  • man I'm early, I thought he posted hours ago

  • Here is an idea everyone makes a strat and you all have to do it at once.

  • It Took me a minute to realize this isn't vanguard beta (You cod cheater, wait why am I saying this I haven't played cod in over a year)

  • The amount of chaos in this video is insane! best wz video so far!

  • Grizzy next time?

  • Warzone Strat Roulette but Blarg...

  • I need puffer strats that's gonna be so funny

  • We all know what's gonna happen if Blarg joins the group

  • At the end he predicted season 6

  • Me: I've been crying for a moment because I saw something I shouldn't have seen about smii7y in loen.Lol again: I only saw the dms, poor girlfriend

  • 10/10 title

  • Day 5 of trying to get Smii7y to notice me

  • A

  • Pog

  • Matts basically the cab driver from deadpool

  • You should have grizzy and puffer make strats I feel like puffer's strats would have some type of resemblence to yours and grizzy's would probably be kinda sweaty and weird