Mini Golf with Kryoz, Panda and Guy

Publisert 2. aug.. 2021
Golf It with your favorite Mini Golf crew! Myself, Kryoz, BigJigglyPanda and Guy
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  • 0:03 Happened to me about a month ago at 3AM💯

  • ‘

  • The last hole was a trickshot hole and he didn't get it in

  • Why do they demonetized videos and they made something called NOwine kids

  • spaghetti

  • This makes me want to watch Morgz unironically

  • I’m watching this whole on sh@@mz and this is great content

  • He actoully linked him as guy

  • This was the fucking funniest ep yet xD

  • It so weird to play this game but not hear the sound effects that Smii7y adds

  • Idk why i thought it was a good time drinking water while anthony's doing a "trickshot" and just splat it all over my bed

  • big hole is big whore -SMii7Y 2021

  • what the game called

  • SMii7Y imma say it, just because you can doesn't mean you should

  • Please tell me I'm not the only one that recognises Guy in the thumbnail what a specific reference I love it

  • I can't believe guy is in this game I thought he was in free city

  • My mom came in my room and asked what I'm watching. I said I'm watching a couple idiots playing gold while getting angry

  • My cousins name is nate

  • Kryoz my is my second to favorite dude on NOwine

  • I was watching this on my phone and I dropped my phone on my foot.

  • As a fellow Canadian I confirm that we do listen to the national anthem every Monday morning and if you were moving or talking the teacher would call you out lmao. But when I went to school in the states for a bit I only had to do the pledge of allegiance (which is super short) but we did it every morning

  • Post mortem

  • It’s me Guy etc…

  • When Guy is your actual name…

  • Whenever SMII7Y says it's "doable" he almost never does it

  • I can't believe Smii7y knew Ryan Reynolds

  • 2:42 me when I make a joke parents name

  • "HaMBurGer hAt"

  • 2:56 SMii7Y should be a host for a show or something. he has the talent for it

  • Pico parks - could you play this game as a team 🤔 heard its 'ReAlLy FuN'

  • hamburger hat😏

  • E

  • this was the most nerve wracking moment of my life

  • Guy Etc. Is an awesome rap name

  • I can't believe Smii7y put BYZE as fucking Guy in the description

  • I knew the Free Guy advertising was a bit weird but this is a stretch

  • Went to the description to make sure he was guy and not byze

  • 4:20 / 4:21 Less patient Buzz Lightyear be like: 6:24 _”The tea is ready.”_ 9:57 Kryoz be like “...Shit.” Am I the only one, who thought of Tarzan, at 11:07? 12:34 *” T O P T E N B U R G E R S I N F O R T N I I I I T E . “*

  • The Greatest Thumbnail of all of time

  • 11:29 yes it does

  • Is this gold it or golf with friends?

  • 7:15 looks more like kd than Kobe to me😂😂 foot on the line

  • 06:20 Anna Kurnikova is not a caterpillar, but... "Kura" (the base of her surname) means chicken and "kurnik" is a type of chicken pie in russia

  • The thumbnail just makes me imagine that is Anthony in like 30 or 40 something years


  • I guess byze wasn't that guy

  • 11:37 when you think about which ex to drunk dial ...

  • kryoz needs to bust one before these sessions

  • He actually put Byze as Guy in description

  • I deadass thought Panda was going to sing the Canadian Anthem too. Man i don't miss running to class before the anthem started. The high school i went to made sure NO ONE was in the hallways, some would hide in the stairwells, and if you missed it you had to stand outside until it was done (unless the weather was a factor). Not sure why but that's how it was

  • i heard a very familiar sound at 2:37 when he got the hole from a very very distant memory i had long forgotten

  • Post Malone is my favorite rapper why did you do him like that😭🤣🤣

  • He committed to the bit and put guy in the title

  • Damn he actually called Jordan guy in description

  • You're not that guy pal, trust me, you're not that guy

  • Kryoz laugh sounds like crocodile’s laugh from one piece

  • I love how the majority of the time Smii7y is accidentally finding holes/hole in one spots that no normal person would be able to.


  • Bamhurgerer

  • so what i wanted happened. the best bit of this entire video is smitty crediting Byze as "guy" in the description

  • Bunger?

  • 2:19 they lowk harmonized

  • I clicked on this video thinking ryan renolds would be in here but its just guy.

  • Hey yo how many likes does this video have to get for y’all to play with 100 stroke limit on unlimited time

  • #idea Warzone but you can only use default weapons

  • lol look at my name

  • PostPartum Depression

  • Hey I really like your warzone videos do you got any tips for a beginner like my self

  • That tennis player does sound like a caterpillar tho ngl

  • 10:33 looks like the periodic table

  • I got a midroll and it was for a church. They said, "A place you can feel closer to God." and I legit thought they said, "A place you can feel closer to Guy."

  • no way i stopped hearing for a second too

  • lol

  • A hole is a hole *Zip*

  • Thanks for the brief happiness but in the end it wasn't enough to save me goodbye smii7y

  • Trickshot? Nonono THICCSHOT

  • Alternate Title: Golf It but we scream slurs at each other to win + Guy

  • Guy has some comedy up his sleeves. I like him.

  • SMii7Y its been 2 weeks since you posted a power wash simulator video, you feeling alright bro?


  • in middle school we made out badminton team name angry grunting lesbians is that bad😂

  • Imagine them doing a not swear challenge while doing a rage inducing game (Maybe Golf or another game) That would be pretty funny

  • It’s a bunger hat

  • 1:39 if you just like the golf.

  • 11:37 i hated teachers for that

  • Can someone please tell me what the name of the sound is, for something slowly rubbing against glass, or a window, or a video with the sound effect, I've been looking through smii7y and wildcats videos and I can't find it.

    • Alright finally after 1 hour watching 1hour and 12 minutes of the most satisfying videos on smii7y's channel, ive found the sound I was looking for, thank you smii7y.

    • Nevermind smii7y uploaded a powerwash simulator video, I'll just watch those.

  • Play first class trouble again

  • Kryoz and his fucking bank joke 😂

  • I finally got the new Golf game for nintendo

  • 3 strokes deep in what kryoz 😳

  • Is Kryoz always that toxic? I am surprised that people still play with him.

  • My school in USA one teacher made us wait outside the classroom hand over heart swearing our allegiance to the government system. While a different teacher made the one who was late say it by themselves while everyone stared at them. The pledge speech feels more like a love song to imperial totalitarianism that a heartfelt love for the country. My teachers didn’t instill any patriotic hearts in my class. Felt like a surrender to oppression rather than freedom Any vets that read this I love you and you are appreciated. THANKS TEACH YOU REALLY MADE THE GOVERNMENT PROUD LOL!!!!

  • If this comment gets 1k likes u have to name ur next vid *bob* nothing more nothing less

  • For some reason, the very last bit made me crack up in tears. _h a m b u r g e r h a t_

  • Y’all should try to play pico park 😍

  • milk man

  • North America is weird as hell. Having to listen to the national anthem in school every day and stand for it?

  • Lol read the description

  • Like 8 minutes of this video is just Smitty trying to understand the concept of ANGLES

  • SMii7Y I want to see a pick of your editing and see how many fucking sound files are in it (Instagram)