Warzone Strat Roulette but I make the Strats

Publisert 20. aug.. 2021
Strat Roulette is back but this time it's on Warzone.
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  • Of all the war zone videos I’ve watched this is the first time I’ve seen them play normally and win

  • A legend was created this day


  • I don't think the "Warzone challenge" was much of a "challenge"

  • spaghetti

  • Every time they get downed I think of the wheelchair king julien meme I am paralyzed from the neck down and can no longer move it move it

  • Everytime Smii7y kicks someone in the nuts, I could just imagine the nutcracker theme in my head.

  • Find a way to kill Matt 😂😂😂


  • heres a challenge i just thought of for warzone - you can only shoot at downed people, as in you can only finish the job lmaoooo

  • Can you start playing rebirth Instead of regular warzone

  • Is that a Daithi DeNogla-esque "awww for fuck's sake" I heard at 13:14?

  • Warzone but everyone runs... THE GOOSE

  • I got an idea for a strat, you can only use weapons and attachments that start with the first letter of you’re gamer tag

  • This is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • 13:14 Canadian accent pops in for a sec lol.

  • Do more

  • A strat should be bizon and bullfrog bizon with 84 round mag and bullfrog with 85 round mag

  • 3:25 the accuracy on those shots????

  • Bruh only one of these is a strat, the rest are challenges

  • I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so it will only take a few minutes to check them out! It would mean a lot if you could! I'm just starting so any little bit of support and advice would mean the world! Thanks :)

  • when smii7y threw the stun and said "oh for fucks sake" I heard the Canadian come outta him

  • Butter dog

  • smii can you friend me on warzone i friend requested u

  • If you can make a strat to not get killed by a hacker that’s just sad for a game


  • P

  • Love these challenge videos be cool to see a win with bare bone classes no attachments nothing really good just gun bullets go

  • New Strat: Splinter Cell Mission

  • Me when I play COD but feel like Dead By Daylight 2:15

  • More mat rage

  • I really think cheaters should start getting ip banned.

  • Befor 9:23 felt like a royal rumble with just COMPLETE CHAOS

  • Smi7y wants fun. Not to win. But he ends up winning any ways.. Because of ad revenue

  • Matt has the best skills and what I mean is he dies by things he shouldn’t and lives by things he shouldn’t…..dies by load out crates but doesn’t die by train like how Matt? How do you manage to do this? 😂😂


  • More of this please

  • 13:15 the Canadian really came out there

  • Yo Tarkov?

  • Booger: *starts to tickle my nose* Me: 5:56

  • Great entertainment

  • deadass thought one of the strats was to have fun

  • Wonder how long the video would be if they did no revive with Grizzy, and Matt

  • Strat idea melee only

  • That triple a trashcan of a game still has cheaters????

    • What’s a triple a trashcan

  • Aiet, now stream it and do some of the chat strats

  • Smii7y got that content you get buzzed and watch, Laugh your f**king ass off, its official his content is the drunk food of youtube, and i love it

  • Strat roulette remasterd

  • Hows your day

  • That spooked the shit outta me I burped in sync with the video and I had to rewind and confirm I wasn't going crazy

  • 20:05 Droid turns into R2 D2

  • Isn’t there a fuck ton of hackers in warzone

  • You should do more of this, because bullying your friends is funny and remember suffering creates more views 😂

  • I love these challenges i gotta get some ppl to do this stuff with especially the 1 chest challenge

  • Great job 👏 go watch yeonmi park to save North Korea that need to be freed5

  • When puffer screams sometimes he sounds like r2d2

  • Helicopter Royale; I won a Warzone game being downed in a heli as high up as I could when the gas had closed completely. Since I fell down downed I was alive longer then the people on the ground. This was season 2 of Modern Warfare. Fun times man

  • Would of love to hear the end game comms of the atc tower game

  • 17:47 I can hear Fortunate Son playing.

  • when you play warzone it makes me wanna play but i got no friends so it gets lonely

  • Fact of the day: my mother has contracted over 12 Sti's

  • Magikarp

  • remind me of csgo strat roulette love the old videos

  • How did the train let him live

  • How triggered would Grizzy be watching you guys just sitting in tower all game?

  • You have become what Grizzy hates most....Tower Campers XD

  • please more

  • You should do a whole episode dedicated to helicopter royale

  • i equip competitor and make my self bright as all hell white like a dumbass i am somehow visible to people on the ground directly out of gulag spawn... oh wait.

  • we need MORE red dead online

  • I love Smitty cuz he's funny and actually good at sniping sometimes in my opinion 👁👅👁

  • im not a warzone fan, i clicked, i heard the first strat.... i got my popcorn.

  • I’m subscribed but your videos never pop up on my subscriptions..🤔

  • When blarg was raging about his helicopter. Anyone else think he sounded like morty?

  • Do more warzone pls

  • 69k be like sheee

  • Do a flying formations with the helicopters :) please

  • Nobody: Likes on this video: 69k Literally everyone: NICE

  • I would love to see smi77y colab with Russian badger I feel that would be a legendary video

  • Its great to see yiu hit 69k likes on a vid

  • 68k likes 300 dislikes god this is one of the best youtubers out there

  • Smi77y is the cutest milkbag ever.

  • Find a way to kill Matt? Just give him a helicopter and a tower!

  • When they want Matt to die, he doesn't but when they need him alive, he dies😂

  • More Heli videos that was super entertaining!

  • Yo, so me and my buddies did something similar. But we called it AddStrat. Basically what we did is wed either find one or make up one. But the catch was, the strats would stack. So by the third round. We can't: Prone Sprint Use Assault Rifles And then by the end of the night we'd be down to pistols and shotguns and can only drive places. While not being able to ADS.

  • This is some soviet womble level of content, fucking love it!

  • Would love to see more in the future ur videos r amazing always make me laugh lol

  • U should release the list and make a randomiser of your strats

  • Way to promote the stupid tower strat.

  • 9:59 I’m dying 😵

  • Hahaha

  • You know..... the thumbnail would look very wrong if he took out the texts from the black bar and makes it longer..... just saying 🤔

  • Finally we get a start roulette Give poppa more's

  • “Good luck Puffer! :)” “Alright let’s-“ “GOODBYE PUFFER 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬”

  • What A video dude ,loved tha strat , so glad i am subscribed to this channel

  • Absolutely love the first strat

  • You should do this again but the comments decide strats

  • Ayo schmidty mein mann. Can you go play some rainbow for me❤️ enjoyed the last r6 so much and i really just want to see another video of r6

  • Mail man simulator? Lake on sept 1