The Most Efficient Way to Lose at UNO

Publisert 25. sep.. 2021
This was a bad idea. And I thought playing UNO was the worst idea

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  • 9:58 me when My Dumb friend trying playing UNO

  • I'm convinced smii77y is the Soobway guy

  • Byze’s pic looks like me when I look down inside of a big bag of Doritos and it’s half way full

  • Anthony plays a wild and switches it to blue: "Surely he doesn't have a blue"

  • 14:19 im dead asf

  • Is this what quality content is?

  • Is there a DOS game

  • 3:11 love how no one heard the “I’ll just ignore it like I do my dog”


  • SMii7Y Simpson

  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s smii7y’s sanity flying away


  • He said nevermind, prank him john prank him

  • 13:25 I had food poisoning one time. I leaned over to the left on the ceramic bowl hoping to reduce the noise. The sound was like 2 22lr went off thin after that a loud hissing noise like somebody stabbed a inflatable mattress.

  • After this video *visibly triggered* turned into *visible vibration*

  • You tryna hit iiiiiiii I mean shit I mean play

  • i actually want byze dead rn (no kidding)

  • spaghetti

  • Byze bullying Smity😂

  • Smitty- "I hope that someone wakes mid sleep to the random vibrating bit in the video" It's me, I'm that guy....

  • I wonder what would happen is smittys group plays For Honor

  • Nobody will proboly but, what version of uno is they playing

  • 6:45 69 OvO

  • Ah yes Uno The game that ruins friendships forever

  • it has been six days you can now change your picture thank you very much now win a game for us 😛😎🥰💁‍♀️👏😃 cause we are such good subscribers

  • Invert the +4 picture to reverse the energy

  • ahh yes, uno, the ultimate sanity dropper, friendship destroyer, and of course the true reason mom and dad left each other

  • i nearly spat all over my monitor while drinking my 4 liter water bottle on the fart bit in 13:00, fucken hell my belly hurts

  • 5:23 you know its gonna be good when he adds a sound effect to the card draws

  • When smii7y listens what hes viewers want 😁😁😁😁

  • Why do these videos always color bleed? I've called my manufacturer 5 times now and they refuse to fix the issue. Help smitty

  • Damn, what's that intro music tho? I'm tryna have a chuckle not have a boogie

  • Smii7ys suffering is well worth our entertainment

    • we need stick fight again

  • Please play much more I love these videos they're hilarious

  • 0:21 you mean your sufferings

  • idk if I get smarter or more dumb whenever I watch these vids

  • 🤍

  • 14:43 ☠😭

  • So close to 1MIL views!!

  • SMii7Y: "I should really get a hair lose sponsorship for Uno videos" Manscape: ".......I'm listeningggg"

  • I would of back out too Smitty if I was about to get 8 cards I don't blame you for that

  • Bro that aint nothin i got 8 plus 4 s in one game

  • I wanna cry for smii7y😭

  • we need stick fight again

  • Play Monopoly! ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ

  • U may lose ur sanity but we lose ours aswell

  • Uno the go to game for NOwiners when they run out of content.


  • Kryoz Be Speaking A Thesis

  • 18:06 out of context

  • Bro who be shuffling these cards like 🤣🤣

  • Can we see a vid without the 7-0 rules

  • Great Vid Smii7y

  • I watch the uno when I'm shitting cause yall be making me laugh so damn much it helps me poo just slide right out

  • I have never played Uno so I have zero clue what's going on. This is chaotic nonsense and I love every second of it.

    • @BreWiitched Sure thing! One more set i forgot to mention is the "7" and "0". When that rule is on and a player puts down a 7 card of any color he can swap cards with another player. Playing a 0 swaps everyone's cards in the same direction as order they play in.

    • @Agent West Thank you for explaining!

    • In Uno when it's your turn to play you have to either play the same color or the same number as the card before you. First one to play all their cards wins (in the end points are calculated based on what other players have). Reverse card reverses the order the players go in. +2 and +4 give next player two or four cards respectively, but can be 'stacked' by the receiving player if he has the same card, +16 and more does happen on occasion. If any player has the same card as was just played, they can 'jump in' and play that card regardless if it's their turn or not. 'Skip' prevents the next player on order from playing for that turn, literally skipping him. If a player has no card they can play, they have to draw a random card from the stack until they can play. Basically it's a child-friendly game of Durak ("fool") card game with extra steps.

  • Now bring back golf it

  • I've always to know how bad I can play a video game. On purpose.

  • These uno videos are just too fucking good

  • They didn’t even start the game and I’m already dying 😂

  • when i play uno with my friends i love my insanity so much,i hate them ;)

  • Tbh i wanna see smi7y play gang beast or stick fight again that was pretty funny

  • I’d love to see uno with swaggers and racc

  • Watched the intro with my mobile speakers... Phone thought I said OK Google

  • I love watching friendships die

  • Draw 500 cards

  • Kryoz voice seems really low compared to everyone else in this one

  • I hate byze I’m blocking him

  • 14:40 don’t know why, but it’s funny

  • Smii7y should just make a playlist called “ruining friendships” with all of the uno and Mario party videos, just an idea

  • John could’ve played the blue 1 and smitty could’ve jumped in

  • 9:30 smitty i love you. i literally woke up and heard the vibration thinking someone shat themselves


  • Mandatory youtube engagement comment

  • I know this is a smi77y video but jiggly is pure comedy gold. I love his fading out of existence scream

  • Smii7y when you come back to Apex Legends you need to use Rampart now is very funny with the ultimate now

  • 4 grown men laughing at farts, I love them so much😩😭

  • +4

  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Or I could leave a dislike and lower the sanity even further. (Not gonna but I could).

  • The legendary plus 4

  • Yall should play monopoly


  • Smii7y uploads an uno video: :) John is in it: :))))))))

  • Smii7y came in like he had black Air Force one on and thought everything was fine then got jumped

  • Hey smit, just thought you should know that I have all notifications in for you and am subscribed to you, but alas NOwine does not show me your vids at all. I thought you haven't been uploading but I see that I must dig for you now.

  • 19:50

  • Pretty woman ain't that bad it's very funny watching y'all suffer we love it

  • Pogers

  • smii7y haters watching the beginning like "he hates this game, so- do I like so he plays it again? I dont want to like his video, but he'd torture himself by playing it?"

  • Uno is pain

  • love the surprise of Byze's pfp every session

  • It makes sense why nogla loves this game

  • Does anyone know what to google to get BYZE’s uno picture???

  • 18:00 LMAOOO!! 19:50 XD

  • SMii7Y, promise us all something...... PROMISE us all that you will NEVER EVER grow up please?!!! For you ARE, our Peter Pan :) xxx

  • UNO is so toxic that I got pissed off just watching this

  • You know you guys should play color blind uno basically you can't see what color it's supposed to be

  • Damn, this is efficient.

  • being in the sky and watching smii7y is the best thing ever