This is why you should play Far Cry 6

Publisert 31. aug.. 2021
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Far Cry 6


  • Dude if I had this game I’d shoot anyone who even looked at my dog

  • Hear me out… smii7y splaying peal please playground

  • Poor guy 😢 12:18

  • I got the game for free by buying ubisoft plus

    • So it wasn’t free you had to pay for Ubisoft plus lol

  • No dogo 😭😭😭

  • Lots of LOL here...

  • Far Cry has an issue with repetitive missions, but for some reason, I can't stop playing. Headshots for days, the military can't stop me from popping their grapes.

  • Glad I can finally watch this video, didn’t want any spoilers at all for the game before finishing it myself.

  • Guapo sold me more than Chorizo. But I love Chorizo too

  • Why dose chorizo look like my dog

  • love the DOOM music when you use the mounted gun

  • Never watch smi7y while eating cause u'll choke

  • You can steal a tank or helicopter by disabling it for a while with EMP supremo backpack, that Zeus weapon or EMP grenade

  • Still no working mirrors

  • 17:25 true... they are an animal

  • They need have it where your pet can get in your vehicle!

  • Anyone else want this for Christmas

  • It reminds me more of just cause

  • that lil dogo got me cracked up

  • when october 7th 🕴

  • the car zoom sound on chorizo I'M DEAD DUDE 🤣🤣

  • You made my year

  • *Enemy shoots AK-47 at chorizo* Smii7y: proceeds to talk shit to enemy *Enemy kicks chorizo* Smii7y: YOU JUST KICKED MY DOG!!!! Also Smii7y: Starts angrily shooting back

  • ubisoft because they don't know what their customers want, no matter the franchise: no dogs in cars

  • 10:26 when he scans the horse, it says "cant scan military vehicles"

  • I want this game it looks cool!

  • Oh shit it comes out tomorrow!

  • smii7y doesn’t mind chorizo getting shot but as soon as he gets kicked you dying

  • Ngl just impulses preordered it cause wheel chair doggo best doggo

  • Game is lack luster and lazy, the male voice actor took a back seat in quality and the graphics are same old same old. Yes the dog is cute but i would rather not spend 60 dollars on a game like this. Ill wait till actually effort gets pit into ubisoft games. Fyi i was playing vegas 2 and future soilder alot as a kid. Im not new to unisoft pushing garabge reused assest games.

    • But thisbisnt smitys fault ubisoft is sponsoring him so it has to be biased. Gotta make money somehow

  • "oh no, it appears i have killed 3 people for no reason" "Oh CRAB MAN CRAB MY FRIEND"

  • Far cry 3 was colorful because of the overabundance of narcotic plants inhabiting the island making everyone semi intoxicated Now it's just colorful for the sake of a wider audience and more monies

  • If ubisoft does anything to chorizo I will never forgive them

  • I can be a hitman Edit:you sir killed a woman how u feeling? Good? Or not

  • Smi7ty dosent mind his dog getting shot but kicked no you will die

  • spaghetti

  • dude STFU

  • You are really funny !!

  • Do you kno da way

  • amck

  • I love far cry it literally do anything u want like u made these games are amazing

  • Been waiting for this since what, like February!? Can't wait!

  • Lol my birthday is 2 days after its release date now I know what I'm getting for my birthday gift

  • i might not get the game but man i loved this video XD just got urself a sub

  • Welp imma wait a few years untill Ubisoft gives this game for free

  • Do more videos on this game

  • I was sold on the game 0:20 in after finding out that I can have a wiener dog name after a sausage

  • “Do they know?” *AEOUgh*

  • Bro I wish I could but I can’t afford it

  • 1:46 SMii7Y: did you just throw grenade to my car Me: yeah, No sh*t Sherlock

  • 2:10 did ma man say "pay for lunch"?

  • Ngl, really thinking about buying the game after seeing Chorizo

  • Moreeee!!!

  • Damn Chorizo is the cutest little guy. Can't wait to commit murders with him.

  • please play more of far cry 6

  • Chorizo and car tied

  • Chorizo races a car

  • on my bday month

  • 20 years ago we had a same game like this 0 innovation absolute 00000000000000000000000000000000000

  • wow new map for far cry 3

  • 12:50 What's going on with the clouds? Why are they so simple in relation to the game graphics. they really low resolution


  • i cringed when i heard smii7y saying chorizo in english

  • did they Seriously make it where you can't have your pets in your vehicle with you AGAIN!?!?! I thought they fixed that with the last one and heard us gamers who think its silly your pet has to run by your car the entire time.

  • would play but luckily I landed in the category of poor

  • When saw this puppy on wheels.....just why? This is wierdest pet in shooter game is saw so far. Even speed-gator have more sense.

  • lmao its a reskin of 5


  • It is phonetically "Coritho" (spoken with a spanish accent of course) and not "Choreezo". Made that mistake myself for many years.

  • I have a sausage dog named Ćevapi

  • i still have crocodile nightmares from playing far cry 3 as a kid ill never trust that guapo

  • Why does Guapo have a gold tooth 🤣

  • I am a simple man, i see cute dog, i press

  • So we still can't put our dogs in the car with us?

  • Smii7y can u play more bledes and sorcory

  • "But the game lmao" no I don't believe I will

  • "I don't like people on horses" but you're....on the horse too

  • Can’t wait for shlatt to play this and sensually say “guapo” fifty times

  • Every single time after something chaotic happens, out of nowhere chorizo just comes out with his wheels and its so fucking adorable

  • Smii7y I just preordered it at gamestop not because of you but I want to live as Florida man with a pet crocodile.

  • Hiiii

  • Obviously this aint Smii7y's fault but... Dang this game just doesnt look cool or original...

  • I'm loving the companions in this game. You can have a sausage on wheels, or an attack crocodile wearing a jacket.

  • I love how at 10:42 , smii7y just slowly inches closer to the guy, and only once he's in his face, does the guy start attacking him lmao

  • Did... did he just save a women just to get crabs?

  • Lol,that was the best Far Cry 6 Review so far .


  • I have 4 daschunds. I want this game.

  • at 14:40 he repairs mans car, car guy gets happy pay him 20 Smii7y gets mad

  • Is there a single video where someone can give constructive criticism? Why be a complete shill since they sponsored it. What’s new about the game, what’s being recycled?

  • Maybe I'll strap a firework to you and make you go even faster 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • If I wasn't already sold on this game, I would be now... My sides are hurting!

  • Crocodile takedown was🔥

  • I have appeared to just have murdered 3 people for no reaso- OH CRDABS ELLO MAH FRIENDS

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t like health bars in farcry

  • I can't believe you blasted that guy (about 2:10) with mounted gun, then drove off leaving the person still tied up . ! 😁🤣

  • Soooooo uh i just ate somw chorizoss Soooooo yeaaaaaaah

  • I'll watch your videos again but if I get recommended your best of again ima have to go

  • 7.30 he said his name

  • ohhhh Chorizo has a health bar, pls tell me he just respawns if he's killed, my heart wouldn't be able to take a dead sausage dog with two legs