The Second Most Satisfying Game Ever Created

Publisert 9. aug.. 2021
Lawn Mowing Simulator is Satisfying. That's just how it is.
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  • SMIITY, i do landscaping in real life lol, wanna see some of the lawns i’ve done?

  • if it was in dollars every thing would cost you more kinda like your health care ans smii7y its p E.G 50p

  • Man, I don't like how Smii7y is employing pushmower strats on the rider, that's just unorthodox and wild. You can't just do that shit, bro.

  • I remember when Covid first hit, the grass field behind my college dorm was untouched for 4 months. Grass was growing to knee height, all sort of vines and reeds everywhere. One day the lawnmower guys finally came and I just spent 30 minutes straight watching from the window, it was so satisfying when they ran over the super dense clusters of grass

  • Am I the only one who got irritated about how most his lines weren't straight

  • “lets wip a fat uey” me confused in Australian hearing a Canadian say such words

  • Smii7y please cut your dads lawn

  • This man is busting all over the controller because of how much better he can play with it.

  • Rebook shoes exist: "these bad boys are gonna get some grass stains today"

  • Bro I just got a lawnmower ad lol

  • Good GOD Smii7y Your lines are everywhere!!!!

  • I was going to say something smart about being a grown man who doesn't know how to mow grass but then I remembered that some people grow up in the city with little to no yards. So sad.

  • You wanna start by going around the area first and than going back and forward making lines on angles or just straight!

  • Sucker don't got dat zero turn

  • and im watching a dude play a game where you cut a lawn -_- you gotta be bored to be watching this lol

  • smii7y having satisfactory orgasms over a video game lol

  • I wish I had as much fun in real life cutting yards.

  • Oh cmon this is fucked, JUST GO OUTSIDE AND MOW JESUS, actually no matter of fact if yall wanna mow, mow my 5 acres for me thatll be really helpful

  • The game would be cool If they added wheel spin from the slickness of the grass. Bringing in the chance for a bald patches

  • Smii7y is screaming without the s rn


  • whats the 1st ? @SMii7Y

  • Mulching is where it cuts the grass but instead of keeping it in your mower bag it spits it out in very tiny bits.

  • Something about Smii7y getting as happy from seeing the title card of lawn mowing simulator as me seeing the Ghost of Tsushima intro is amazing

  • The bit you did just after 18 minute mark hitting the car had me laughing pretty hard LoL

  • Omg…..I need this in my life.

  • Your kids names ar are going to be milk bag baby 1 and milk bag baby 2

  • i like your cut g

  • Yeah, I am not gonna watch 30min of a guy simulating lawn mowing. Just want to k ow what is the first most satisfying game?


  • Make this the most liked comment so smii7Y sees it

  • how about powerwash the lawnmower

  • “Car” games are always better on controller

  • Wonder if I can learn to use the z turn with this-

  • watching this with sound off in class, still just as satisfying

  • SMii7Y: "Powerwash simulator you need to up your game lawn mowing simulator has customizations" Powerwash simulator: "And I took that personally"

  • I own my own lawncare company and I also play this game cause I find it relaxing just like IRL

  • I left the power washing simulator video before it was over. To spite you!

  • Did he just say…$172…is cheap gas?? 19:28

  • 90% of the reason I upgraded my Xbox is so I could get this game

  • 21:03 was not expecting that and then 21:14 just killed me lmao

  • I had an ad, so all I hear was Smii7 scream "COME"

  • I was flipping out when he said "Is there a cut hight?" yet he looked all over the start menu, skipping over the cut hight

  • gray still pays plz brake the game plz

  • Brother of power wash simulator Hmm another one lore to go ore more

  • My dad has an actual lawn service. And honestly he just uses a different mower than what you have, but honestly this is pretty accurate. Good job

  • yaaaas

  • Who else didn’t realise he went quiet? I was just taking in the mowing!

  • I wanted the 1k dislike so I had to

  • Literally just got a lawnmower add in the middle of this video

  • 7:25. Peen.

  • If you want a perfect lawn the trick is to put a layer of sand over your grass. after a week the sand will be gone and your grass will be greener and perfect bc sand takes the moister/rain in. your welcome

  • I’m pretty sure the car that smitty hit in the first job is James Bond’s car

  • So I find this really hilarious. If you look at the copyrights and see the SCAG POWER EQUIPMENT and Metalcraft of Mayville. Well I actually work at Metalcraft and build SCAG mowers on the daily 😂 I don't build this specific one in the game, but still pretty cool!

  • But but power wash has dings instead of custimization

  • Dude, I can SMELL this game. Beautiful.

  • “Let’s put it all the way down; READY!?” Pretty sure that grass woulda been dead if it were real 💀😂😂


  • I don’t know why I love watching you play this game hahahaa

  • Added to my list, I love game like this, and the power washer game, I love them BOTH, am a fence person lol =)

  • The FBI need to get the F off my PC, Yeah am going to watch a game about Mowing but I don't need an add before the voice about Stihl Mowers LOL....

  • Mexican simulator is the real game title

  • hi

  • Tho dooo and smi7y be the same person 🤣


  • Hey Smii7y the british money is Pounds. So it would be 358.00 pounds. Then the coins are pence. So 0.50 pence. Dont quote me on this. I think it is correct though as I watch a couple of birtish youtubers like the Sidemen

  • Cut your dad law Smii7y

  • Company Name: nice cut g

  • Mooooooore

  • This game is so much better with steering wheel

  • How did this man make a 30 minute video about a a fucking lawnmower cutting a 10metre garden

  • He’s going to fast and it’s not cutting right

  • Lol

  • You know what I’m gonna say it but Scythe cutting is better then lawnmowers all together

  • This could be potentially programed to control a lawn mower for the elderly to mow from their computers.

  • I laughed so hard at, "I need an adult"!

  • Brooo, imagine how awesome that whole meadow would smell. When I get a house, I want every John Deere appliance that they got and I'll go crazy! You better be happy with how awesome ur f*ckin job is Smii7y. I'm on that serious grind dude, I love my job but I'm on coffee all day. Life is exhausting.

  • As someone who works on a golf course and does turf maintenance for a part-time job, I found myself often saying stuff like "watch your overlap", "make sure not to scalp anything", "bring the deck up on your mower", "I wonder if this game has a golf tee mower. Or maybe a Toro Groundsmaster 4700-d?" "Is he going to have to syringe greens?"

  • Get a wheel for it. Just go full in.

  • I'm now satisfied

  • A lawn mowing ad showed up when I was watching this 😭

  • therapists should use this game as a technique to help patients

  • More

  • We gotta have some more

  • 28:55 Smii7y is from the north east part of the US 1000%

  • The White stuff will get sooooo dirty bro

  • Should've been Milkbag Mowing Co.

  • The dad came out of me watching this

  • Lawn mowing #2??

  • You know you’re a dad when you get excited about this game!

  • I need this in VR :(

  • Hank Hill was right, mowing the lawn is a privilege

  • Wait till he find out about farming simulator where you can power wash and mow lawns....


  • As a person who mows lawns for a living, I can sure say it is just as satisfying.. especially the line trimming

  • Since I moved into a actual house my dad makes me move every time we need too and tbh I thought I did bad but smittys skills aren't better than a 14 year ilds

  • Ey man don’t worry we Mexicans choose the lawn mowing simulator😂

  • Honestly, i could tell me step by step how we do our lawns. My dad males sure we get it done right. I vould give ya a few tips and tricks

  • So the up down is more efficent

  • Smity should do the one chip challenge