Just Another Teardown Video

Publisert 16. aug.. 2021
Teardown has had a new mission for a while and I think it's about time I finally play it.
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  • Treadmill: *sees smi77y through window "GOD PLEASE NO!"

  • 9:32 I love it when he doesn't read the briefing.

  • Yall remember that rainy day safe mission

  • SMii7Y: yeah i can replace things, i think Me: you replaced the upstairs kitchen with a pile of rubble


  • spaghetti

  • The opening three minutes of this video reminds me of Zathura.

  • Treadmill in its natural habitat oh shi-

  • Plz

  • More

  • More

  • Why do the drums look like swastikas when he breaks them

  • I love this game I can't wait till I get my own pc and steam account and some money to get teardown I am such a sucker for games with destruction physics and a game that all about that stuff is so cool I want to play it so so bad

  • 25:13 i like how the van just completely ignored that car

  • the tanks r fun

  • "I've destroyed more public property than any man" Distant roaring of killdozer from the grave

  • If he makes another video on teardown he shuld use the Structural Integrity & Collateral Damage System mod


  • "I know this looks familiar, it's not though." *Gunshot*

  • Please do some more mods!! I love them

  • Smii7y: makes another tear down video Treadmill: So it begins.

  • Yes MORE!!!

  • I think the treadmill is not happy since metior hit

  • nice strv 103. im a swede so i leagaly must like it

  • characteristic intro, wake up, heaven, and watch tv

  • I love this game

  • We need power washing

  • Heres some of my theories about this game: This possibly takes place in Sweden, because the tanks are probably based off the Swedish Strv 103.

  • He should play teardown maps and destroy the treadmill with humans

  • Its called a loader not a bulldozer lol

  • Me when I think SMii7Y going angel but I guest nah 4:29

  • As a swede i can tell you that the tank was a stridsvagn 103b

    • But they are swedish i guess

    • Oh thanks I thought the developers just made up a tank

  • I love the drums and that's all I gotta say

  • 23:36 *right inthere* thats what she said...

  • Yes #Dam

  • Half the floor he says hahaha.


  • MORE :)

  • You know you're watching a SMii7Y video when a treadmill gets a fucking character arc.

  • you never fail on the content!!!

  • When u finish playing teardown can u make the last video of it just a treadmill distraction compilation

  • Good job

  • People when they saw huge destruction on the mall: :D Also them when they a small hole on the wall: YO WH-

  • Smii7y got that content you get buzzed and watch, Laugh your f**king ass off, its official his content is the drunk food of youtube, and i love it

  • This video is sponsored by raid shadow legends and Osama bin Laden


  • i watched this video when i was throwing up with covid

  • We all might think the treadmill is innocent but who knows what dark secrets it can hide

  • The Teardown series is a "Blast" *proceeds to laugh like a seagull using a trombone*

  • does anyone notice the swastikas at 5:38?

  • This is popcorn watchin' right here!!

  • mod list pls ?

  • Milky man

  • “I have destroyed more public property than any man in his lifetime” The guy who bombed Nagasaki: Am I a joke to you?

  • Does he ever feel like he is going insane?

  • Lol pancake tank

  • SMii7Y - “I know this looks familiar but just trust me” *hooks train car* SMii7Y - “no no just trust me” *fires shotgun destroying treadmill* SMii7Y - ……………

  • I'm gonna miss this

  • I like how the Tank is the actual Swedish Tank they use

  • How does the character power on and unlock the military vehicles?

  • Did you just have two full conversations with the treadmill

  • I watched the whole series to watch this video

  • The dislikes are from the people living near the mall

  • Just explode the gas truck

  • At this point the devs should just change it back to when you could destroy the fridge.

  • I completed that mission in 30s

  • Omg the clock actually scared the crap out of me cause it sounded like it was getting closer

  • 17:31 kildoser

  • treadmill in thumbnail=hell

  • Wait…what if Treadmill is actually in a relationship with Refrigerator but got cheated on for the bigger cabinets?! LORE

  • I love how the character has free access to every vehicle without keys

  • 18:15

  • Plot Twist; Smitty and the treadmill are being attacked by the unopenable refrigerator. XD

  • Waiting for the drums clip to pop up on smii7yminus

  • 10:06 That's a Swedish Tank Destroyer

  • Well well well You really came back crawling here....

  • A bulldozer 😂😂 that’s a front end rubber tire loader

  • the second he said that he wasn't going sponsored I got a ad 6:23

  • So does that mean Teardown takes place in Sweden? Because there's the tank Strv 103?

  • I just thought, what if over the course of the videos we faintly hear a treadmills response in the background. Like we are going crazy too

  • Yes please more :)

  • hahaha when the bed flipped, just how i like it

  • You should try this mission with the singularity mod

  • Nice

  • Them: Why he have a conversation with a treadmill then blow it up? Me *a cultured individual* : MUWHWHAHAHAHA WE MEET AGAIN MR TREADMILL

  • casualy drives through a car 25:13

  • 13:13

  • I feel like he just has an abusive marriage with a treadmill at this point

  • I have no idea why but its getting recommended to me like every video I watch no matter if its chess, kittens or weird end of internet after that its smitty and treadmill

  • I wanna see this but with the meteors

  • Anyone see when he drove off? He phased threw the car! Lol

  • I think the lighting looks like that because of raytracing.

  • Is it sad that I'm listening to his videos while doing algebra 2 homework

  • you should play snowrunner

  • Ahhhhh the casual

  • I Always sleep and Wake up with my hammer.

  • I love how he fazed through a car on the way out of the mission

  • Destruction! Fire! Explosions! EPIC FUN! Dreadmills!

  • tear down needs a vr bro

  • tearin up your mo-