My Call of Duty Vanguard Beta Experience

Publisert 12. okt.. 2021
It's Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 but in World War 2 so we just joke about dumb stuff
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  • do the campaign

  • during the toilet bowlognese joke i was vaping and almost choked lmao but the parseltongue joke had my cackling

  • They should add stamina cuz your literally flash like bro

  • Liberal poop hippie merch when?

  • the way byze delivers the 'sometimes you just gotta bark at em' is so fucking powerful

  • they all landed Smitty THEY. ALL. LANDED, I fucking asphyxiated myself!

  • And i want that sound board epic sound effect lol at the beginning of the video.

  • That video cheered me up so much and made me laugh alot thx smiity

  • 7:25 your runin init

  • Man Smii7y you always got me cryin from laughter. Thank you keep it up

  • This and the BF 2042 Beta video are some of your funniest recently. 10/10 had me dying

  • I get a headache when I watch these not because there annoying because they make me laugh so hard

  • fortnite

  • The sound that guy played after Jordan yawned SENT ME 😂😂

  • I can't stop laughing after that barking.... Im supposed to be a grown ass man hahahaha

  • "liberal poop hippie" what in context Jesus prayer lore is that?

  • Shit game , shit graphic

  • IDC what anyone says. I'll take CoD over Battlefield any day.


  • my face is hurting from smiling to much

  • Cabbage patch funny moment is highly underrated tbh

  • As a Brit, the "Cheez-Innits" bit had me laughing so hard I could barely breathe.

  • The random barking had me dying.

  • 6:59 No words just watch

  • Lawnmowers aren’t vegan if they run over dog shit!

  • 0:20 *instantly clicks the like button*

  • The brain dead moments is a form of comedy no mind can explain but will laugh at regardless. …god, I’m still cracking up over some of those statements.

  • It tooke me a second but i got the joke! Cheese-innits!

  • I'm borrowing a joke

  • The Cheese innits was the part of thee video I was waiting for. Was not disappointed.

  • Hehehe

  • I literally cried from laughing so hard 😂😭

  • I couldn't breathe when smii7y saids parsoltoung was post office language!! XD

  • The lawnmower was the best thing. I started thinking about how the lawnmower could just be vegan and then the *_"well say that to my dad's leg"_* had me laughing so hard I started crying. They'd kill for meat 🤣🤣🥓

  • certainly looks more fun than a certain broken-ass beta of a certain washed-up has-been upcoming famous FUBAR of a game

  • “you guys are so f**king p***sy” “WOOF WOOF, WOOF WOOF WOOF”

  • That cheese innit joke was my fave joke, its bad but in a good way

  • "you guys are so pussy" *proceeds to bark to assert that they are not, in fact, feline in any way shape or form*

  • You could say that enemy was… aliel… to the left

  • Dude fucking barks at him!! Hahaha that's one of the absolute best things I've ever seen!

  • my beta experience was terrible I didn't like it glad to see someone that enjoyed it

  • my beta experience was terrible I hated it glad to see someone that enjoyed it

  • I love to sit with my mates and have enjoy a fresh packet of Cheez Innit

  • Cheez innits was so bad it was funny

  • You made this game look fun but man vangaurd is a flop.

  • Even though it’s only been 2 months I still miss powerwash simulator :))

  • So the new bear fists is “why is that fricked up?”

  • Omfg 😂😂😂 I saw the perspective of thedooo before this and died laughing, love this group

  • With the cheese it joke all I could think of was cheese it’s with tommyinnit’s face on it

  • nice game)

  • You should do some more warzone challenges please 😭🙏

  • 5:00 is my jam

    • 8:31 onwards started to make me feel funny in the pants

    • Followed by their sophomore release, 5:55

  • I'm just watching this while eating a Cheeze-Them

  • smii7y when are you gonna play animal party again?

  • Bro you need to make a discord if you don't already have one

  • You should do a drunk video with everyone(:

  • did smii7y forget about power washing?

  • bruh, you got me crying LMFAO through the whole fking video

  • 4:48

  • Day 3 of trying to get Smii7y to notice me

  • Jokes that don't land compilation when?

  • Byze confirmed is a furry.

  • This game is fucking ass but it's fun as hell

  • 1:12 Aliel no please To the left Aliel Aliel Noooooooo

  • Brb gonna go cry myself to sleep after watching that dog die

  • That was the most brilliant joke

  • homie said donkey neck comb over XD

  • I enjoyed it so much And your laughter and scream sounds addicting tho

  • Meemujaviyaniņaviyaniebefilikaafuraaabafilifafutaviani ,, Minecraft here ,,

  • Smity was speaking cobra chicken

  • I feel like the goons make videos 20x funnier

  • Surfing on fish, over

  • this video needs to be longer

  • You should make another channel called smii7y x ( times ) for all your compilations

  • Back 4 Milk?

  • I havnt laughed this hard in a while

  • haven't laughed that hard in a while! The parceltongue bit killed me

  • i just want to be a part of one of these sessions just to be in aw

  • I laughed too fucking hard at cheez innits

  • for some reason I really like it when Smii7y plays with Dooo.

  • Hey Smii7y can you try out gastion simulation


  • I hope we get a battlefield beta video

  • this video has made me believe that all the goofiness in vanguard was intentional and it wasn't meant to be another competitive shooter

  • 3:34 John Cena to himself

  • Bro. Why did nobody say libturd to that liberal poop hippie joke.

  • Next time I do a pasta dish Imma call it "Toilet Bolognese" :*

  • only ogs remember in new benginging

  • i haven't laughed this hard in a good while, im wiping tears from my eyes as i type this fucking 10/10 vid

  • hey smii7y can we play warzone together?

  • "Donkey Neck Comb Over" definitely sounds like an insult someone's yelled during a CoD game.

  • 7:00 Blarg and Smii7y have a “Bear Fists” moment

  • My fren More brain dead moments w/ soup 🙏🏻

  • If the ASDF Movies from years ago were turned into a Video Game, that's what this video is!

  • Smi77y: 'Sometimes my jokes don't land' Me: sometimes ?

  • 'it's what the postman speak' My migraine was easing off again, I hear this joke and laugh so hard, it came back to haunt me. Thanks Smii7y 😭😂

  • this video made me laugh way to hard thank you for blessing us with this video father

  • smiity almost killed me today i was drinking water while watching the videos and started laughing while drinking and chocked on my water my life flashed before my had a lot of smiity bad jokes

  • Still confused why editor is censoring text but not audio.