This might be the funniest video on my channel

Publisert 6. aug.. 2021
Red Dead Online is the most untapped avenue for content. We're gonna get that content.
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  • Its like watching a beautiful fever dream.

  • This was too good

  • Um I'm 1:23 in and I wish to see MORE

  • omg this video is chaos i love it

  • Famous last Words: “That was Cool Actually.” & “I missed…Uh Oh.”

  • Someone dislike this comment I wanna see sumn

  • 11:41 me and the boys pre-gaming the pub

  • This video is hilarious, I haven't watched a youtube video this funny in so long.

  • #GameProblems: accidentally strangling someone, accidentally throwing someone out of the vehicle, accidentally EVERYthing

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bro I needed to pause the video cause I was choking on my food of laughter

  • Whenever me and my friend join a server we beat the crap out of each other and kill each other for 20 minutes

  • umm they have, stupid.

  • An yo dude your RDO videos are sooooo funny. Pls upload more

  • If they just made a crew with friendly fire on they couldn’t have to worry about ya king each other off of horses and wagons

  • 8:42 at this point i'm crying !

  • Start a posse?

  • The best part i got him bang i missed lmao.

  • 11:14 that laugh tho

  • "This town ain't big enough for the two of us" killed me.

  • 10th time watching the video, it's still funny. For a clip to be funny, Smitty, Matt, Grizzy, Eli, Byze and Kryoz has to be in it.

  • 5:51


  • why do smii7y's character look like lev kravchenko from black ops

  • at the outro that laugh sounded like a witch lol

  • I was fkin around with an alligator one time acting like I was a bad ass walking up to it like I wasnt scared saying "this is how you kill an alligator you gotta walk up real slow showing now fear" once I got 5ft from it i pulled out my pistol and before i could shoot it it just snatches me up in its mouth and shakes my ass to death

  • No horses were harm in the making of this video

  • Thought y'all would be on console, but no, I was wrong. Let me know when y'all gon' stream this game, I'll get on and flex on y'all with mah shotgun.


  • SMii7Y fell on Eli and that killed him🤣 8:56


  • PERFECT TIMING!!! 🤣🤣🤣 5:00

  • if you want good content, go up to annesburg and find the cave, there is a gang that carries machetes, you can kill them all, but there are a lot of gory things there😂

  • You should crouch and then try shooting that elephant rifle

  • I need a third video

  • spaghetti

  • I humbly request thy Red dead content

  • Smii7y go in to the moonshine shack get drunk start a delivery mission and when you then go outside drunk you will keep on falling me and my friends got some funny moments out of it

  • Yo it’s been over a month we need another rdo video

  • PLS SMII&Y!!!!!!!!!! More RDR2!!!!

  • 11:16

  • 1:57-2:00 lol 😆 😂 🤣

  • Do more do more do more

  • Literally my favorite game of all time…a million times better story than GTA


  • naaah this game is dead :(

  • Love this

  • This town ain big eno- *dong* BUT I LIVED!

  • the horse kick alone deserves a like

  • Gotta love how he has 320 gold but only$6 XD

  • Want a ride? "Sure" *thwump* NOOOO!

  • Moooore

  • U idiots when u want to ride together u have to be in a posse

  • For all the high level rdr2 players out there when there all clusterd up would u throw some volotile dynamite in there if u were just passing by I would do it😅

  • The fusion made me cry from laughter i thaught it was one dude too

  • The funniest thing about this video is that you think its content. Heheheh. Joking anyways, not a bad video.

  • no one makes content out of it coz the #ffff error and cheaters heh

  • 200K likes and 2M views. The fans have spoken good sir we demand more rdr2🤣

  • pls do more RDR2 content

  • My throat is about to blow up. Hahahahaha.

  • 9:14 HAHAHAHAHAH that guy is crazy

  • Smitty just german suplexed Eli at 19:00

  • That is, I'm not lying, the hardest I have laughed in a while, thanks smii7y and red dead.

  • You can also turn on friendly fire for posse members so you'll not automatically push people off of the horse when aggro lol

  • Welcome to the fray! Red Dead Online with friends is unparalleled chaos and I love it.

  • This game is total chaos and i fuckin love it

  • Smii7y u should shoot an officer at the police station in Saint Denis there's an easter egg that happens when u do it 🙃

  • I love playing RDR2

  • 18:38 every irish pub in ireland hostile and angry and everyone has a weapon on em

  • Embear. Copycat

  • Yes do moreee I neeeeeedddddsd iiiiiiittttttt!!!!!!

  • The damn Valve intro killed me lmao

  • I wish they would do poker

  • Please smitty, this is amazing

  • Please make more!!!

  • my neck hurts when whatching this video


  • Please play more red dead redemption!

  • i bought the game like a week ago and I've honestly loved my time on the game

  • 14:42 has to be my favorite moment

  • MORE

  • Why isnt there more of this smiity? 😭

  • General Sam is a red dead og

  • mooooooreee i lov it hahaha

  • Please more!!

  • Yo play the story!

  • Gotta love the influx of youtubers. One makes a video of it and it does well then they all do it. I'm betting none of them even played the actual game either.

  • This was hilarious

  • WE NEED MORE!!!!!!!!

  • Turtle murder! 🙈 Holy chaos. So fun to watch though.

  • Please more! This is awesome, get Wildcat on here and these videos would be priceless

  • Needs to say, that nitro rifle Can't be shot in crouch position......

  • Watching this while high af really hits a new level of hilarious 😂

  • Fusion Red Dead Redemption here.

  • 6:06 😂😂😂💀💀

  • As a player who been playing rdo for 3yrs now we need new people to come to the game

  • get swagger on this with you and i will die happy

  • Couldn’t stop laughing at most of these lol 😂

  • Yes more

  • That piano guy is the equivalent of gta V train XD