This Game Will Blow Your Mind

Publisert 29. sep.. 2021
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Superliminal is like no game I have ever played before. Optical illusions, puzzles, all the way to mind bending perspectives that will leave you more confused about life then when you started watching this video. Please enjoy my full walkthrough of it.
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    • The funny part is there’s actually a simple way at 1:02:26 to use the apple. You’ll feel really stupid look it up. 😆

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    • there is no M in the title

    • I’m high

    • 59:30 u got a tiny apple up on the bottom right of ur screen and didnt notice lol

  • this man is fucking amazing

  • why she sounding like Im missing my flight at Terminal A-24. as in alpha 24?

  • Towards the end of that I was getting flashbacks to the Teardown Treadmill fever dream edit: oh you just said that now too

  • The fire alarm at 1:08:10 that he missed angers me

  • Stanley Parable next or The Beginners Guide?

  • I’ve never almost shit myself and laughed at the same time more in my life

  • 42:30 nah I’m done

  • SMii7Y should upload horror games. Like if u agree

  • Sunday is beans🤣

  • Imagine this game in VR...

  • Is this the third time I've watched this video? Yes. Do I still love it? Yuppers. this shits entertaining

  • This video is pretty fu- fire alarm.

  • 1:45:26 "Is this interstellar" Nah it's the inside of Cartoon Network

  • well that was interesting, youtube show me Soda ad... just after you make that soda can larger...

  • lmao why was this so relaxing in the background

  • Watching this video makes me appreciate how good I am at puzzles.

  • Everytime he walked past the whiteboards they gave me bendy vibes

  • Gives me very "The Stanley Parable" vibes.

  • enjoyed this sm

  • The alarm at 53:28 changes the music...which you never had turned on in the first place.

  • I love this game, It’s interesting and I love the concept of white space and somnasculpt

  • That was the most unbelievable game I’ve ever seen🤯

  • That was amazing

  • Starting a new job tomorrow.. *checks time*.. starting a new job in 4 hours..

  • Imagine in vr

  • I’ve never gotten physically nauseous from watching game.

  • Don’t we love teapot sm7y in 26:16 ish

  • Ok but watching this make me realize how much I actually would like smii7y to play some horror games lmao I know he said he doesn't play them and this game isn't technically "horror" but was still super funny and I kind of want him to try out more horror games whenever Edit: Also I never saw anyone do the apple and fan trick he did lol there was an easier way but he was determined

  • This reminds me of the Back Rooms

  • You gotta play it with the music on

  • 22:43 I found where ratman went!!!!

  • 35:22 Man, she really wasn't lying when she said she doesn't care...

  • Crazy portal vibes from this game

  • This game conditioned him to pull fire alarms without even thinking about it.

  • WTF when he got back to the 4:00 place the video looped back to the 3:00 place!

  • Anybody else think there were many things thT he just looked over that could led to other paths like this game was basiclly made to pinpoint people who thibk outside the box. Or just my high a**

  • Literally 2 minutes of intro then talking over cutscenes. Why!?

  • Game of the year.

  • 41:14 things took a turn for the worst... 💀

  • More 1-hour long Videos please!!!

  • I’m realizing now that Smii7ys entire personality is the fact that he makes comedy NOwine videos and fills every second with talking for the sake of talking.

  • This might be the actual best game ever made. Technically speaking.

  • Imagine this game in VR

  • Welcome to "Brain Melt" the game, where we subvert your perception so that we can teach you a valuable lesson about being open minded.

  • The entire time I’m just sitting my bed waiting for a jump scare to make me shit myself.

  • Imagine the game and commentary being so good you get 2.7M views and not even 1k dislikes

  • 59:40 ya done missed an apple on the base of the fence goddamnit

  • I will not become beans on a Sunday.

  • 07:45 Cheesus.

  • Please let this have or become VR

  • This was a really relaxing video

  • This game really reminded me of Stanley parable and control

  • 2 hour vid let’s goo

  • I love this video! First video I watched and I have already subscribed lol

  • I have my popcorn ready, my tango dark berry six-pack.. HERE WE GO, BOYS!

  • looks like stanley parable pt2

  • this video make me wanna throw up

  • it bothers me u didnt notice the red die had a pawn piece as its one almost like it was a puzzle piece. i bet that golden chess piece went to it

  • When I closed my eyes I ligit seen it spinning for a strait 2 minetues

  • old news.. hehe 😈

  • smiily’s voice is so funny sometimes 😂

  • Yooo I love a good marvel fan

  • Watching this actually strained my eyes because it messed with my brain

  • 1:42:01 I love how it gets to the point where he's asking "can i go through here" whilst walking into a wall

  • What in the zack king fuck

  • 34:15 you missed something on that half dice it looked like a checker piece

  • Watching this stoned be like 🤯🤯😱😮🥴🙀👏👁👄👁

  • Wait until he finds out how easy the apple room is

  • Smii7y: My brain is so Fire alarm. (40:23)

  • 29:44 Smii7y becomes Gru

  • i almost vomited about 500 times holy shit.

  • I really loved the game. Played it just before your video came out and I do like the philosophical ending and the speech

  • 50:40 favourite part

  • This is VERY portal vibes.

    • I was just about to comment this, from the gameplay, to the tasks, but most specifically THE VOICE😅😂😂

  • To be honest, I'm mad you turned off the music at the ending

  • "Fire alarm"

  • my mine just melted

  • i wonder why the music didn't work?? i'm not the only one not hearing it, right??? which is a real shame.....because this game's soundtrack is FIRE-! i felt bad that he couldn't change the music style, thats what changing the number on the alarm clock is Supposed to didn't seem to lessen his experience of the game BUT i wish it had worked. edit: and i got to the piano-- AND IT DIDN"T WORK-- i'm so sorry edit again: surprisingly, without music i heard a lot of sound effects that i think are normally drowned out by the music-- a plus for me. still editing: OH MAN the ending really doesn't have enough "oomph" without music OMG. i wonder why it didn't work? i NEED CHAOTIC MUSIC. I'm glad he still managed to like it a lot, tbh-- I'm not sure i would've LOL

  • 42:55 bro?🥵😳

  • This was a insanely enjoyable video to watch

  • This is insufferable, I love it.

  • The fact that he says “fire alarm” the exact same every single time

  • 59:33 THERE WAS AN APPLE RIGHT ON THE LINE WALLOVIE THEADER THING FOR SO LONG Sorry, great video, always a good laugh

  • if only you could do this in the real world it would be destruktion every where.

  • He should have had the music on, its so much better with it. All the music is game made, there's no 3rd party copyright music either.

  • Honestly I don’t wanna go through that mind fuck ever again no thanks lmao

  • 44:15 it’s all good Smii7y, I’m afraid of ferns bouncing a door too

  • Had to take a break at 47:11 this is just my marker to remind myself

  • i think there was a tiny apple on the far left post where you are standing while trying to duplicate the apples up the stairs

  • My head

  • this game gives me big stanley parable vibes

  • I love Smity's wHaT ThE fUcK

  • Imagine if it was VR

  • 1 hour 51 min? Fuck this noise

  • I love how the level cuts are exactly what Smii7y would use as a jump cut, plus the sound effects too.

  • Smii7y does the perspective apple portion wrong: "Thats the only one that genuinely pissed me off"

  • ‘

  • The way he ended the video, you can hear it in his voice, he genuinely sounds like he had a life changing experience.