Chivalry 2 is Nothing but Chaos

Publisert 17. sep.. 2021
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  • Use my Creator Code s7y on the Epic Games Store for Chivalry 2 #EpicPartner

  • Blarg : Where Did U Get That? Man gets His neck twisted cause of rock

  • 1:55 - 2:17 *Death by a Thousand (paper) Cuts*

  • 0:29

  • 9:12 game of thrones be like

  • "I heard news of his passing how did it go?"... Fowl ;)


  • Can we all agree that Paul made this vid the best

  • It’s so funny seeing you goobers just running around and throwing crap at each other

  • 0:26 When mom finds your weed but your 27

  • FUN NY

  • 8:20 he just went ultra instinct on that arrow wtf this is the most funniest thing ever

  • Funniest NOwine ever😂🤣🤣 lmao

  • New quest failed: become the new king

  • Nobody: Paul:lets give each other head boys

  • Alternate Title Chivalry 2 But We Bully Matt for 16 Minutes

  • 10:08 me when i play Skyrim

  • 9:36 Kobe!

  • 2:24 Me When High as f*ck

  • This is the funniest shit I’ve seen

  • 1:25-1:31 isn't that technically the "cabbage pach"? Still funny but you know.

  • Anyone else having issues with game crashing since the last update? And I have another issue where my guy will only walk slowly sometimes, idk if it's my controller or the game. I don't have issues on any other games so I wouldn't think it's the controller

  • paul chooses violence over all this man is a legend

  • how did you make this i cried at the intro when hemgot crushed by a rock!!!!

  • THIS IS AMAZING LOL can you make more of these vids?

  • just 9:19 "where did you get that" and then a damn Rock Outta Left Field XD

  • Mordhau is better play that

  • I was dying at 9:02

  • Bro we need more of this game I haven't laughed this hard in forever I have tears

  • Smitty - ‘Old school dodgeball boys’ Paul - ‘Let’s give each other head boys’ Smitty - ‘Wait a minute-‘ Me - LMAO

  • did 15:16 sound like the Ozzy OzBorn crazy train intro to anyone else? Or just me.

  • My comments on a mock the week video seem to have fused with smi77ys comment section on shivalry 2 so that's weird

  • Even you can make the Middle Ages funny

  • please play more of this

  • spaghetti

  • Ik it's basically free money but you realize the epic game launcher is basically malware.

  • I like this Paul guy lmaoooo

  • This made me laugh until i threw up, and there's 6 mins of video left...

  • 69k likes nice

  • How do y’all do that there nobody in your game

  • Komodo hyp moment

  • That is... Yep, no ads XD

  • they HAVE to publish it on steam

  • Was on Snapchat and saw that smii7y was on thehub! (When he gets hit by bread and throws his sword at Matt)

  • how anyones disliked this video is beyond me. its absolutely incredible

  • This Paul guy is like a bootleg John

  • I know I’m late to comment but Paul radiates pure melaton energy

  • 1000 comet

  • That was hilarious!

  • 8:18 my man just used haki

  • “Where did you get that?” Is now a certified hood classic

  • I’m over here with no power at my house, barely any service sitting outside watching this amazing shi while my phone is slowly dying currently 20% I’ll keep updating to see if I can make it through.. I’m on 15% and only 4 mins in

  • Rinpy the Fire wielder

  • Cool vid found u on tiktok and thought you was hilarious lol

  • Please do more I can’t stop laughing

  • do more of these!!!

  • One of the funniest videos imo

  • How did you do a custom?

  • This my 10th time watching this and it gets better and better

  • In the voice of donkey: That's a nice Boulder

  • It can run om m1 mac?

  • but you cant play with your m8s on ps4 and xbox in a party STILL so i want my $40 back kind of


  • *B R E A D T I M E*

  • ,

  • DO NOT BUY Chivalry 2, the developers completely ignored problems that have been there since launch. Even if you don't believe me just check their discord and you'll see comments about the servers being bugged and party systems being bugged. Not worth it, don't even buy it on sale Edit: It got so bad that one of their channels has a guide on how to refund the game

  • Why u got only like three clips with John ???

  • 0:29 this part is just so funny. A guy came out of nowhere and bonk the soldier with a rock. It's like a cartoon joke.

  • Ok i can tolerate alot, but epic? No.

  • and along with the turkey. You have passed too.

  • Your videos are soooooo funny

  • 15:30 sweet dreams are made of thiss

  • How can u enjoy a game that much.... Oh yea coz 🖕💩🐐🤡🐍💙👌🤬👌🤬🔥🔥😭😠💓👋🏍️

  • That was the coolest fuckiny catch

  • That last clip was perfection

  • We need absolute more of this shit 😂

  • I’m crying. I’m in stitches. I can’t breath, and this is the best video. I haven’t laughed this hard for a while

  • 9:19 is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Epic games gives you money but not S7. I’d be sad

  • Death by 1,000 paper cuts

  • Looks a hell of alot like mordhau

  • That was so s7y of you

  • I can just imagine the taco bell ding when blarg got hit with a boulder

  • 9:18 “where did you get that” **matt straight-up fucking gets merced by a rock** this had me wheezing for a while edit: it’s funnier with auto generated captions for some reason

  • Does Paul have a NOwine?

  • This is actually a rip off of mordhau

  • When he ran in at the beginning an just flattened the guy you threw the sword at got me ahah

  • the deadpan "bread time." before committing gruesome murder is way funnier than it should be

  • Not gonna lie, not the biggest fan of Paul. But maybe I just need to see more of him idk.

  • Fade away at 9:35

  • I havent laughed thie hard at a video in forever

  • More Paul

  • My guy just smashed him upside the head with a Boulder

  • S7Y is spelled sty also sounds like sh*tty

  • I'm sorry but I have to test this "part of the ship part of the crew"

  • But Mordhau has lightsabers

  • Where is the fighting!!!

  • No joke I think I got a six pack from laughing my ass of watching your vids 😂😂😂😂

  • Bro some of this subtitles are womble level big props