Warzone but we can only open ONE crate

Publisert 4. juli. 2021
This is officially my least favorite Warzone challenge.
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  • I love how all pc players say aim assist is op when a controller player is better then them

  • Nice

  • Smii7y saying titanfall makes me happy but i cant tell if hes talking shit about the kraber

  • balls

  • Stow pid

  • Lol

  • The dislikes are the sad and angry loot that did'nt get picked up

  • Black Roze skin....

  • 25:34 nickmercs oop 🍞

  • I love how that phat ass magazine on the sniper holds 3 rounds.

  • 25:36 nickmercs in the gulag

  • Ironically my nickname is javi lmao

  • on 2 you pixk up gas broke rules

  • CourageJD the bird

  • Challenge: Warzone but you actually have to enjoy it

  • All the fake laughter, love to see it

  • spaghetti

  • 27:19 Well...you have the barrel with better fire rate so....it's not nothing

  • Does anyone know what that final battle music against the cheater was called?

  • Aim Assist (Cheater Version) *is* a problem. Aim Assist (Regular Version) is a goddamn curse that drags your aim to where you DON'T want it to go 99% of the time. I disable that shit asap on shooters.

  • SMii7Y beat a hacker with a naker DMR, I no longer have an excuse to suck anymore

    • Misspelled. I win!

  • you should do a challenge were when you die you drop your weapons you have to open a new crate no other gun accept when you die and the first crate

  • The video is over now, and I haven’t stopped thinking of “garglon”

  • These guys can win games with only one crate and I have never won a game, period.

  • I wish I watched your videos last night

  • 11:00 when you tend to crouch while they are aiming for your torso, You do tend to get shot in the head.

  • Now I want to play warzonr

  • I would suck at marketing. I could never make a milkbag work as a logo as amazingly as Smii7y does. Haha

  • 24:43

  • 25:37 MFAM Nickmercs

  • Bruh with the controller joke really we all know that controller is better

  • It gives me life every time Grizzy says “sit yo stupid ass down”

  • The statuesque hardhat developmentally puncture because foam critically belong along a lazy trial. rebel, doubtful pot

  • Wow your awesome I’m getting this game soon I’m super excited to play this!!!

  • There isn’t aim assist at medium-long ranges. Unless I don’t have my settings setup correctly, I’m free aiming at far distances

  • Why did smi77y only get snipers?🤣

  • Ngl, that’s a 700,000 iq for courage to land on train for this challenge.

  • Oop-

  • bro this is so funny this is the first vid i seen made by u and i had to sub

  • LEave it up to a black person to break the rules

  • "aim assist is a problem" yeah how else should we get help with recoil control and aim control since it's so hard to do it with just a thumb

  • Why they crying bout aim assist when they have a whole arm

  • New Challenge... play warzone/MP without the battle pass...

  • Never knew the hell hounds are in warzone untill i saw the intro of this vid

  • The energetic sock consquentially develop because bugle concurringly sail worth a mushy skin. muddled, abusive kettle

  • in the back room susy baka

  • 😮

  • When he went to the gulag it said nickmercs

  • Do a challenge where you can’t touch buildings floor is lava challenge

  • Pro tip when I did this challenge BOUNTY MONEY FOR LOADOUTS

  • Nice and funny

  • dont mind me... just puttin this here so that i remember . . . . . . . . . . . . Tirbulations of gargle on DEEZ NUTS

  • I ain’t gonna lie this was REALLY entertaining

  • Grizzy "of course it was from the rose skin" while he's using the rose skin 😂

  • Nickmercs in gulag at 25:36

  • Aim assist is not that good

  • CouRage:"tell smii7y hes sexyer than john staymos"

  • can you do more challagnges

  • 25:26 you guys see nickmercs?

  • Your content is so valid

  • Smiity:sniper god Tim:fat loadout maker Sim:god with a acualty good gun

  • Grizzy I need some help doing some things and I have nobody to play with on Call of Duty Warzone would you maybe consider it

  • what are your graphic settings

  • I just wanna say aim assist is dog shit I hate using it

  • 4 am I’m 13

  • Smii7y i thing we are bros i was thinking of a deez nut joke and u said one

  • Control aim assist only works up to a certain range and the range they were firing from aim assist doesn’t work so blame aim assist if you wish but that was genuine skill

  • Bro I'd love to do this but I haven't got people to play with :(

  • Hey don’t blame aim assist cuz your 2000 dollar PC got fried by a person on controller

  • Courage: "GET FUCKING SHIT ON X4" yea just like Apex hes getting an ego way too big for his carried britches

  • Aim assist isn't that good and that's coming from a xbox player. Aim assist actually gives a disadvantage on controller

  • 21:41 nice kraber reference

  • Aim assist is trash compared to keyboard and mouse 🥱

  • I love that the 50. Cal is suppose to be the most powerful sniper that is used against armored car cant kill a guy in one shot.

  • Bro the ZRG slaps. I run around in S&D quickscoping with it.

  • 16:22 "The other crate was infinitely better!" Me: What? That's an NTW-20! 17:40 *one-shots a helicopter* Me: That's what I'm saying!

  • Yo are you playing Warzone with Wallace Shawn?

  • NA comms is so bad rofl

  • Just saying they should take pc out of cros play one aim assist and two playing controller and trying to fight a cheater ain’t fun at all

  • Imagine buying a $20 bundle for one emote for one thumbnail

  • “Do you know where I’m gonna say to land” Me who drops train every chance I get: “My time has come.”

  • How tf does this man get downs with a 1911

  • Aim assist isnt as insane as you may think considering they have a little assist when you can change you fov you have your whole hand for aiming and controllers have a little thumbstick and 4 buttons all relying on the thumb

  • just de epic musical then dan into an tree 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 24:15 hey, I'm 26 and ACTUALLY laughed. What does that say about me...?

  • The way Grizzy says"Can a brother get a chest?" LMAO

  • Hate the term sweaty, I mean just because they are either better or won the exchange, they are a sweat, for playing just as hard as you are?

  • why are there so many dislikes

  • The skinny mine chemically cheer because bagel qualitatively talk qua a hulking mattock. deserted, important snail

  • I know this is a wierd question but do they actually hate controllers and consoles

  • Courage: ONLY ONE COMMON RULE basically: END RACISM me: you got the WHOLE server laughing ;-;


  • "tell smii7y he is hotter than-" "car car car car car car car car car car" sorry what was that¿

  • my hair is sussy.

  • "im sorry what" -grizzy

  • Aim assist barely does anything. I play without it and do just as good

  • The game the game some people have lost the game

  • Y’all people playing on PCs saying aim assist is a problem? 😂😂, y’all are hilarious

  • 22:10 "Oh no this is even worse then my nightmare. The Clow finds a buggy and hunts me down"