They put me in a Mini Golf map!

Publisert 7. juli. 2021
And I nearly didn't notice it.
Shout out to Smithereen's for making the map! (Sorry for almost missing the easter egg lmao)

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  • Can someone tell smitty we dont like when he throws the game ?

  • i can smell blarg and soups influence on smii7y

  • Nice vid

  • bro i was tryna take a drink during the intro and nearly spit coca cola all over the place cause of byze

  • Can we get a damn it’s windy out here compilation

  • spaghetti

  • Man this video was awhile ago but still feels fresh… also the doo wasn’t even there and they were at it

  • He said Niccce

  • 9:17 the voice crack tho

  • How do you always manage to make me laugh lmao

  • So strange hearing Platy in the intro to the map.

  • There was a golf caddy add

  • Smitty. SHUT UP I WANNA HEAR WHAT HE HAD TO SAY. Luv u still tho

  • You love to pump your own breaks lol

  • Too easy

  • Every time you upload it's like I'm having a good day. Even if it's bad if you upload instant good day.

  • excuse me Smii7y, its Millomer

  • 😀

  • 11:33 "not perfect time" 'Sad meliodas noises'

  • I farted at 11:55 and panda said that. Stay out of my house Anthony

  • Just got out of BCT this the first thing I watch from you and damn is it great

  • No One Talking About How Smii7Y Have 0ms

  • Never stop making us laugh, Smii7y

  • milher, homehouse, homer-milhouse !

  • Dude I love your stuff but if you pick up golf it again please stop with the trick shots that take up 3 minutes of the video.


  • in the middle of watching this video i got a golf ad. this is now a golf channel.

  • Barely 30 seconds into the vid and it's already gay *likes the vid*

  • Damn, it’s windy out here

  • 🤦🤦 dissapointment

  • Ayo, I think it’s a bit windy out here

  • 8:09 Jeez John calm down

  • 5:10 My brain making a dad joke: who's Shirley XD Me: damn it -.-


  • 1000 holes

  • When face reveal

  • @mona u got wrong person that's my brothers account and smii7y will die at one point

  • its wimdy out hete

  • More Mario Kart anytime soon?

  • Just recently discovered your videos. Haven’t watched another NOwine video since. Just yours🤣

  • shaven mill house = Shill house

  • I love there humor it gets me every time

  • This is a certified big poop hamburger moment

  • I sub

  • The windy Reference was covered for your first stroke

  • John said he will fuck the map makers mim and make him a son…

  • I kinda hate it when smiity throwing the win for a trick shot, when it works its cools af though

  • The few fierce bulb gergely request because spark microcephaly coach barring a hurried pollution. shiny, hungry girdle

  • 10:30 The reason they didn't notice the Smitty in the map was because it was hidden behind a cube of stone, only showing up after failing to get the hole

  • 9:13 my man called him cs go guy, when his from css ;/ sad pp

  • Where are prediction videos

  • SMii7Y:Danm it windy out here

  • 0:28 very funny

  • 32 seconds in and I already have heard things I shouldn’t have…

  • See i wont lie it alkways makes me mad when he wont just take the shot and just screws around like yeah sometimes its funny but PLEASE JUST FUCKING GET IT IN THE HOLE

  • this channel never fails to make me laugh

  • eyo you know it's good when a Smii7y video is number 49 on trending for gaming

  • Play a golf map with 1 hole but the hole is fucking long as shit!

  • 8:12 wait if its his mom then why is he getting a son

  • was that platy?

  • 200 holes coming up ?????????????

  • smii7y! You gotta challenge markiplier to a powerwashing race!!!

  • ru the poopturd?

  • Whenever I see Smitty's logo I think of a bag of cocaine

  • Can we get a hitman 3 vid

  • Ok but where power wash simulator tho?

  • Didnt they already do this one?

  • its windy out here

  • Aaaa poop here we go again

  • Hey SMii7y will you play MUCK?

  • Stop watching you because got busy with life but just found out my girl cheating and we grew up together but for sum reason I feel down but watching this making me laugh and smiling ima beng watch me everything i missed long live the milk bag

  • Better be drinking water you reverse inverse upside down milkbag

  • Power wash vid now😫😫!!!

  • It’s windy out here

  • I have a question? Will you ever play party animals again?

  • Was that Plat in the beginning narrating?

  • Came for powerwash simulator Stayed for Super Mario Sunshine 2: Mario's back to work.

  • 11:38 "the sad PIANO music"

  • I love ur vids but pleaseeee post more golf it!

  • Day one of asking Smii7y to do a setup reveal

  • The first 30 seconds are pure gold

  • it's still windy what the frick smit

  • its windy up here

  • I love golf it it’s fun

  • Do a 200 hole map please, I want to see more pain.

  • Face reveal

  • Play muck

  • man, i ain’t ever gonna be able to look at my fan the same. it’s so windy in here

  • wevy naiz

  • Part 6 of bioshock rn

  • *Violin plays* SMii7Y: Sad piano

  • The game that give smitty anger issues

  • What happened to power wash simulater I loved that game

  • slogo jelly and crainer has play this map.If you don't know them search them on NOwine.

  • didnt they play this map already or was it a different youtuber?

  • Smii7y has officially uploaded more than 900 videos

  • 7:55 “I’m gonna just sink this” Of course you aren’t *It’s a toilet :,)* *don’t bully me please*

  • Smity I love you and everythingnu do but like you nwantnto see more power washing the power of power washing is needed

  • I remember smii7y when I was drinking milk out of bags.

  • Where is the final episode of Bioshock