Another Lawn Mowing Simulator Video

Publisert 6. sep.. 2021
This video is exactly what you expect it to be. Lawn Mowing Simulator.
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  • sir where is the new video

  • 3:07 hope u know that that lyakn hypersport cost $750,000 us (1mil aud

  • Gaming time 1 hour= 10 minutes

  • I do this for a living, the back and forth method is what I do all day, it looks absolutely amazing when you do it diagonally

  • as soon as you seen the gnome my spotify music went intense

  • I don't know why i'm enjoying this gameplay.

  • I just watched a man mow a lawn for 30 min

  • When you get a lawn mower ad

  • Anyone else get a lawncare ad LMFAO

  • spaghetti

  • that car is a Lykan Hypersport

  • I love that the gnome people have a lykan hypersport

  • I think the car was a Lykan Hypersport

  • I speak from experience Smi7y when I say that I hate cutting grass on hot day's.

  • legends say that at the end you unlock the horse, and just let it mow lawns while you sleep.

  • hes playing this game like a racing game

  • Dude you are canadian, just cut the grass like a zamboni driver, sont dmg the ground plus dont need to turn like that

  • I like the power washing better, but this one is amazing too. Plus I do like Smi77y’s reaction to the game🤣🤣

  • Imagine preferring lawn mowing over power washing

  • Power wash gang

  • I’ve worked cutting grass in a golf course for 2 summer and my eyes are burning lol

  • Wait til you have to get a tiger striper for some lawns. It’s rough

  • Hey there's a video in your ads

  • 31:24 HAMBURGER

  • Mans literally hit a 5 million dollar car with a lawnmower

  • I used to mow comercial facilities and wow it was amazing. I would mow with one of those handle bar mowers and in my opinion those are the best. 10/10 no bumps just tight tight turns with no grass Damage. Just open fields of Oregon grass, mmmmmm yeauhhh.

  • Hey Ik I’m late but the reason why you were getting the penalties was because it was raining out and you were turning fast so ur tires were digging and leaving marks in the lawn

  • Sharpen the blades


  • You were more relaxed around the end of the video and I enjoyed it so much. Good content during the entirety of the video but the last 1/4 of the video was better. Keep it up!

  • This actually looks like a good stoner game...

  • Maybe if you actually read the tooltips and hints, you'd know why you're damaging the ground.

  • All jokes aside I know some people probably love this game


  • I clicked this video not expecting the actual game

  • Youve gotta try gaz station simulator

  • "I hate power washing!" Posts a power washing video two posts later

  • This is maddening 😂

  • Smii7y... I got an ad for a lawnmower while loading up this video... Weird

  • Play it with a steering wheel next time for max immersion.

  • Yogurt Sock??

  • It kind of makes me sad this video has less views than others.

  • The people who disliked the video don't know what is Pangea

  • Does anyone know of another boring chore or job that's oddly satisfying that he can make a third series

  • me hungry eating an macaroni and the gordom ramsei ad appers ad show a perfect beef fuck gordom ramsei

  • You sound like a bit like Eric foreman

  • I just wanna say… I liked for Pangea 🙌🏼

  • I don't usually like videos, but I can't believe I'm gonna do it now *cuz I know what Pangaea is*

  • I think it would be easier to not turn so much and just go forward and backwards with a little adjustment to cut new grass

  • The silver car was a lykan hypersport there are only a few In the world

  • when you miss a skinny strip of grass we call it a mowhawk

  • I need more


  • In case you actually wanted to know, the car sitting outside is a Lykan Hypersport, which is the same car that Vin Diesel drove out of the top of the skyscraper in Dubai, and it's worth millions of dollars.

  • my good sir, why did you use Pangea in the context of the path being broken apart? Pangea is the theory of all of the broken apart pieces of the earth once being a singular whole /lh

  • Just realized that uniform looks something out of Herbalife. Smii7y, is this an MLM?

  • Smi7y clearly never struggled for money or building credit. 10% is AMAZING Edit: WTF, 500 for saving a laptop?!

  • Fix the rpm

  • Why am I watching this💀

  • Lawn mower gang all the way

  • Smitty: There's probably not gonna be much talking... Also Smitty: (Continues talking for the next 32min and sec)

  • The white sports car outside is a Lykan Hypersport.

  • I'm telling you, this is more important than my daily water consumption

  • 3:11 that’s a Lykan Hypersport

  • I'm on my Highschool computer rn

  • i got a lawn mower ad while watching this 🤣

  • Try euro truck simulator 😅

  • He cuts the lawn like ricky berwick

  • the car in the powerwash guys house was a lykan hypersport and is very expensive only 2.5 million

  • What da grass doin?

  • Smiity you should try Drug Dealer Simulator. Great Game. Easy play and Relaxing! Great vids love the work!

  • Have you played 'House/Garden Flipper' equally very satisfying

  • I despise this video

  • i've heard of pangea

  • Smii7y: *plays lawn mower and power washing simulators* Me: Is Smii7y becoming a basic dad??

  • Why tf did I just watch all of this😂

  • I literally got a lawn mowing ad

  • 10% interest is nothing. Some payday loans are nearly 400% interest.

  • GO SLOW to do tight turns thats how it works irl atleast

  • This video has really made me understand that I need to get a zero-turn...

  • Smiity: *is simply cutting grass* My brain mush: I should call her…

  • The real satisfying gameplay will be when you can make actual lines with the scag 😂😂

  • Ground damage means turn marks from turning sharply and can be avoided by making a 3 point turn. Again, this is just a simulator, not entirely accurate, there are many variables in the lawn care profession. Speaking from experience.

  • That car in the beginning is called a lykan hypersport

  • #LawnmowerGangGang

  • suicidal people be like:

  • I need a dish washer simulator 😂😂😂😂

  • anyone else notice how he sounds like Anthony at 8:10?

  • dude am desperately in need for another powerwash job video x) i've watched all of them at one day LOL lovely content man

  • as an ex-labourer this feels like home

  • I bet you won't make a video of you just playing this and saying nothing, don't even say anything for the intro or end.

  • I'm pretty sure the engine sound of the lawnmower is taken from GTA San Andreas , idk why i know that😂

  • At 3:09 the car you were saying is a lykan hypersport a 1 out of 6 only in Dubai

  • The white car is from W motors dude

  • i need the final strip being cut but with the sound that clippers make on the short hair at the back of your neck (on short hair)

  • Smi7ty the power wash house the car outside the house was a 3.4 million dollar Lykan Hypersport this car is also bulletproof it comes from Dubai 🙂

  • I am fighting if myself and you can't stop me.

  • We whant powerwash

  • Kinda sucks you cant go out first with a manual( or a scythe if the grass is long enough xD) or hover/walk mower to make dealing with trees or other obstacles easier before using any kind of ride-on mower. It's what I use to do when I mowed lawns for my neighbor's lawn care company as my first job, also being able to do aeration work would be a cool addition as well. What's fucked up is I hated working that job, not because mowing lawns sucks, but the people I worked with fucking sucked. My neighbor was cool af tho, he and the guy I got to work with the most jobs on, taught me a lot about lawn care and didn't suck, which made it bearable. By the time I turned 20 after 4 years of it(pay was pretty good, esp for being in high school), i was fucking out of there. So Im genuinely interested in this game because I don't have to deal with that shit, plus some cool mowers, I too this very day, take a second of my time to look around when at a place that sells such machinery. Also having your wife yell at you like a child, to stop playing with the mowers, makes me laugh so fucking hard every time.

  • Just lower the rpms lmao