Another PowerWash Simulator Video

Publisert 20. juli. 2021
Two PowerWash Simulator videos in a row and it's not even Christmas. You're welcome.
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  • If you want a list 24:10 press esc.

  • I opened back up this video and had apparently fallen asleep at some point during it because I don't remember watching this far into it also I know typically this comment would be used in a demeaning fashion but I hope your cool with it, been watching you and the gang since like 2014

  • What happened to the garden gnome :(

  • spaghetti

  • Your content makes periods somewhat less traumatic. Thank you Smii7y

  • I mist this video because of this

  • What has my life come to, I was once a confident person now I'm watching smii7y powerwash at 2am

  • Smii7y please do more power washing videos please! I love you're power washing 💓💓💕💕💖💓💓💖💞💕💓💞💕💓💖 please do more.

  • Now try Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. Have fun with that

  • Think about it…even since the beginning of time we always had the power to play this game but people just weren’t advanced enough to know it yet

  • theres no way i just watched 30 mins of a guy cleaning a house inside a game

  • I question myself for watching this, but I still don't close the video. I m confused and scared.

  • Smii7y: I’m not happy with the tool I got Smii7y: I love this tool now The tool: fuck u

  • I got a power washing ad below the video lol

  • Watching this, it feels as if I can almost smell the water or like feel it lol like I'm outside washing my car or getting sprayed by a water hose.

  • we gonna talk about the tic tac toe?

  • Did smii7y forget how too use soap:apply soap than wash off. 😂

  • The whole series: *puffer fish noises intensify*

  • Btw multi purpose soap is for pond lining and bungalow roof

  • The Spinny thing is good for rust and tight areas

  • You can call those white marks male milk

  • I’ve already watched this but watching it while I’m sick somehow made it better

  • 9:56 Smii7y fuckin big brained himself

  • Is it possible to turn up the amount of wall you need to clean before it auto completes? Devs should add it if not. Just make a difficulty slider or something

  • Throw on some music and play this game and you won't even need therapy.

  • Thank You God

  • smii7y knew we would watch anything when we all watched him play solitaire and nothing else lmaoo

  • I wished there was a setting to indicate how much completed you need for the autocomplete, there are some times that the actual missing is big and you just get the ding XD

  • Watching Smitty do tik-tak-toe with himself was just too funny idk why?? 😂😂😂 After he kept falling and saying he'd write a nice letter to the devs instead of complain is such a nice Canadian thing to do

  • Oh you fucker smii7y you didn’t tell me there was another power wash simulator

  • 28:44 The house looks like it's both confused, and in shock of being suddenly cleaned

  • 23:44 I’ll just leave this here

  • Can't wait for Smitty to play tic tac toe by himself for an April fools video.

  • I am blessed

  • This is gold

  • meheheh

  • only subbed for these vids

  • I can imagine him doing this in real life and acting exactly how he does int he video's. Would be priceless and funny to watch.

  • More please I need more!!! I’m addicted to watching the satisfaction

  • all the same wal

  • I love how he just draws two o's 9:55

  • the auto completion is actually so unsatisfaying

  • I love how he never reads the messages, and then get angry because he doesn't know why thing are dirty.

  • do noticed this, cause were i am its raining, and this sounds like rain if you think about it!

  • You can actually be doin this for a job and NOwine

  • How did he know what I was thinking. With what he was going to draw

  • Powerwash channel??

  • I just love the fact that he could be just facing the streets instead of the house, so that he wouldn't fall. But you know what, him getting mad from falling in the roof is entertaining so fuck it

  • Powerwash simulator is like the irs lol it takes away some of the enjoyment wtf

  • I was expecting this 8:02 but not the other one

  • Our ancestors probably disappointed that we love watching a satisfying video game that has something to do with power washing 😂 keep it going 💯


  • Somehow this kinda eases the pain. A lot better than therapy, I would say. Thanks Smii7y.

  • I think the soap makes it easier to clean but you have to use the right soap

  • That sad music bit near the end made me think of music from Enderal: Forgotten Stories!

  • My anxiety has been really high today for literally no reason, and this honestly calmed me down a lot, along with doing some fishing in FF14. So...thank you. Honestly.

  • Every PowerWash video, my brain just plays “So Fresh, So Clean.”

  • I know it’s just a game but please people, don’t power wash your roofs 😂

  • I love how your catchphrase is "goddammit"

  • I loved it, the guy sat next to me at haircut waiting line loved it...


  • Hey smii7y I wanna make a bet can you power wash something just under 20minutes I have faith in you

  • Who else thought the thumbnail was Smitty holding a nail gun to a wall at first glance in wz

  • My camera was covered you couldn’t see me so why did you say oh I didn’t see you there, oh I see you sensed my presence you are powerful I see

  • 18:41 so funny XD "SON OF A BITCH"

  • Drinking game: Take a drink every time Smiity says “Oh my god”

    • You sure you won't end up with alcohol poisoning 😅

  • Ive got a weird feeling that smitty went out and bought a powerwasher in real life...

  • Smii7y, multipurpose soap is for bricks.

  • Who’s side are you on

  • Who’s side are you on

  • Save for the big washer


  • my only compliant with this game is that the finish point it some times to soon but at other times takes a lot more effort

  • Smii7ly has paying war games with himself while playing tik tac to

  • love these but whenever i see actual powerwashing videos i get uncomfortable thinking about how everything got that dirty in the first place like do people just not wash things?

  • bruhhhh sooooap more soapp

  • please use soap properly it's almost like he doesn't even read the comments

  • where is the next one!!!!! its been two weeks too long!!!

  • Mooooreeee mooooreee 😂

  • Imagine working on someone’s house and leaving your “artwork” on the side of one house… just like, “yeah I’m not doing that”

  • Bro you sound life fish tank

  • Whats the origin of the milkbag?

  • MOREEEEE!!!!!!!!

  • 11:55 *ae ae ae ae*

  • 9:58

  • It hurts that u still havent used the soap for so long🤕

  • Yo that tic-tac-toe thing was genius

  • It's been two weeks Where's my new powerwash video

  • Hey so there's still a skate park and a fire station to clean js

  • Powerwash mars

  • did u ever write that letter

  • Top 10 Smii77y big brain plays. Number 1 9:56

  • we need power wash co op

  • When the screen was pixelated i thought i was watching doom 64 game play

  • R.I.P house wall 🪦 You will be missed

  • i got a pressure washer ad before this video

  • You should probably make a compilation with just the *DING*s🤔👍

  • bro the soap jus cleans it better u gotta spray those spots u used the soap on after

  • The tic tac toe killed me lmao!!

  • Me: draw a peni!- oh. OH WAIT THERE IT IS! FRIK YEH!