This video is proof that I have the worst luck in UNO

Publisert 29. juni. 2021
I don't like this new UNO game mode at all. In fact, I wish I never played it at all.
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  • throughout the video i counted the statistics of the flip cards to see how rare this actually was. lowest probability: 1/2 (at 31:55 which was also the last flip in the video) highest probability: 1/128 (happened around 20 minutes in, forgot when exactly and wont search for it since nobody will see this comment anyways) overall the chance of this session happening slowly went up and up, peaked at 128, then dropped down all the way to 1/2. therefor, smitty is not even close to the unluckiest person alive, that would actually be me lol

  • I just got UNO the other day, lost to bots twice because they all ganged up on me, couldn't of been worse

  • 6:57

  • spaghetti

  • Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks his little milk bag is cute

  • I'm sooooooo glad I found this channel, now i can die from laughter🤣🤣


  • 26.15 Kryoz Sounds Like An Auction Dealer

  • What console did you play it on

  • watching the coin flip is making me so mad rn

  • His personality and his little character at the beginning of the video look like complete opposites. It's fucking perfect

  • I’ve never lost an undo game in my life but this is only the card version the digital version I don’t play for the same reason I don’t play digital chess the game like to tell you when your in check and that’s annoying in real life if you don’t realize this it’s game over but the digital is like don’t worry bro I’ll compensate for your stupidity

  • Why does this sound so much like a cod lobby

  • Great video Smitty

  • uno vids are the type you can just listen too and know whats going on

  • Smii7y does such a great Kermit

  • This style of cards is really obnoxious to see the colors.

  • Had guppy memory at 22 minutes same brain length spectrum

  • 7:01 😂 and the likes on the video are even 66 😂

  • angry season 1 fluttershy

  • With smi77y handing out wins, do I get a hand off discount?

  • Bro i laughed so hard at 18:11 that i snorted.. and i dont snort

  • I would have thrown my desk at the start of all those 50’s

  • 7:24 If you look at Eli's hand, it looks like it's saying UUUUUUUUUUNO

  • 4 mil get there

  • 20 minutes in and literally EVERY SINGLE COIN FLIP has been targeted at Smitty. Like, that's not bad luck, it's just straight up profiling.

  • 0:33

  • Dayum I felt this personally, my friends did this exact thing to me. But like with 8 people all conspiring to give me 50 cards when 21 is out for no other reason than. Let's make the quiet kid mad . . .

  • Fun fact: uno is one in spanish

  • bullying smii7y for 35 mins straight

  • Z

  • a

  • He should've just called this video, "The worst luck in UNO ever." Lol

  • Feel bad for panda being left out of the uno🥺😭

  • john just spat barrrss 26:12

  • What uno version is this

  • fucking let me drink without laughing man

  • Chicken

  • 0:29 offends me

  • 7:00 I’m Anthony in the back just... “hail Satan” 😂🤣

  • Smii7y’s pfp describes what is happening throughout the games

  • 26:12 top 10 rappers Eminem is to afraid ot face

  • What is the name of this song 34:15

  • i was right

  • Uno - Uncommon Naughty Option

  • Let me give you some advice sometimes you just have to use your change color card and choose the color of most of your cards

  • This fell like a looney toons cartoon

  • how can eli not get top of the description when he gave smii7y the win at 34:45

  • Anyone else notice whatever side was displayed in the air always loses

  • Nobody: Kermit getting absolutely bodied in a Walmart

  • 8:05 i am addicted to this "wop" sound effect, smii7y

  • Before the first ad it ended his sentence with “ Give me the cu-“

  • 10:22 This entire segment is just a 0 Card with extra steps

  • So it looked like for a bit there every time the person who played the 50 card picks themselves the coin lands on what they chose lol until like 10 cards in when byze lost it looked like that.


  • by far my favorite UNO video 😂😂😂

  • He won 8 out of 17 coin flips overall and started of winning 1 out of 9. What a turn around

  • Honestly forgot Anthony was in this video lmao

  • I almost pee laughing

  • Hey smiity make a uno video that the video doesn’t end till you win

  • Wow, what a Mind F**k!! That 50 card is Lactose Intolerant, I dunno what to say...!

  • Literally my entire life dream is to be apart of a fun NOwine group like this.

  • Bro Smii7y could legit be a voice actor. He has so much range

  • What is wrong with uno so rigged

  • I looked away for a second then hear Fuck you Eli my name is Eli so I said THE FUCK YOU SAME TO ME LITTLE SHIT Then I realized it was a video I was watching

  • My brother got a draw 16

  • i beg your pardon, Uno is How old?!?!?!

  • Where the prediction videos at bruh ?

  • I'm confident that I am the most lucky person in uno

  • smii7y i was a little curious, like what platform do you play uno on? pc, xbox, ps4??

  • These edits are so bloody cute, and amazing. I know I’m late to the party on these edits n everything, but I’m new to Smii7ys channel. And now, I’m happy I’m finally watching these.

  • No such thing as luck

  • Smitty: I have the worst UNO luck ever Also Smitty winning 6 coinflips in a row

  • Watching two videos at once one on my Xbox and one on my phone and I can't stop laughing 😆

  • hmm marge and mickey mouse.. opening watpadd

  • That 50/50 card is rigged for the person who played the card to win

  • Ahhhh I remember my first uno match with friends. My friend omar had played a plus 4 and so i played a plus 4 another freinds placed a plus 4 and then are other friend placed a plus 4 making omar Flip a table good times

  • wawawa

  • This is how many times Smii7y lost the coin flip | | V

  • Lol you have bad luck and nogla has rng Gods on his side

  • Really needs to be retitled "my friends bully me in uno for 35 minutes"

  • Smii7y's new icon is hilarious!! I love the impression!!XDXD

  • This video is proofpud!

  • name for the vidoe coulda been SMii7Y gets F*cked By RNG

  • The out come of the coin flip is decided before it flips when it gets to the peak of its arch the side that is turning over towards the top of the screen is the side that looses.

  • Kermit the frog joke fucked me up

  • For a half hour uno video I don’t want to know how long they played 😂

  • Every time I said you f**** up smii7y won the coin toss

  • love it how he said the day he gets a uno 50/50 card is the day he wins he won.

  • I love how Kryoz just started insulting SMii7Y talking at like god rapping speeds.

  • I got a new account forgot your name so I looked up milk bag an found it 😂.

  • Uno is a skill based game. You just suck.

  • 26:14 is it sped up or am I high? the sound wtf?

  • The coin feels broken af, as if the 50 has an 80% chance and the Uno side 20%... Wtf

  • The game detected the DISGUSTING hostility you have with Kermit

  • kakegurui characters in the back like: E?

  • It was so much funnier when you lost the coin toss

  • plastic memories :)))

  • 5:19 poor choking kermit

  • Video came out 4 days ago NOwine: here have a notification 4 days later