This is what the future looks like

Publisert 30. juli. 2021
And it doesn't get any better. Just Die Already finally has online co-op and I'm willing to grow old for it.
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  • How is this funny

  • Oh hey guy is In this video

  • genuinely almost pissed myself with laughter watching this

  • The thumbnail makes me want to drink milk, brb .

  • spaghetti

  • Is it on ps4

  • I love how this video is basically just Sound Effects: The Supercut

  • "You never forget your first one" - Ice Queen WHAT THE FUCK

  • They need to play this again because they didn't even get to experience some of the more outlandish shit in the game.

  • I miss fitz in your vids and swaggersouls :( This made me laugh so hard that it reminded me old good days back in 2018 when fitz was making videos TwT

  • I love how John eats a spicy pepper, starts blurting out nonsense and then fucking explodes.

  • What a gruesome future we have ahead of ourselves...

  • When grandpa tells you a story be like:

  • Goat simulator but better.

  • more

  • Play more of this game

  • We want more of this game

  • Smiity turned into a shity elasta-girl with that bike.

  • I cant breath I'm laughing to hard, I'm going to die

  • any fun free games you can reccomend?

  • 4:02 I did Nazi that coming 😂

  • Famous last words: oh there’s a fan up there… Jordan 6:04

  • Oh nice it’s smii7y, kryoz panda and guy

  • Watchin Smit7y and fishing in Minecraft this is the life ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ

  • That opening definitely reminded me of the Slimer scene from Ghostbusters. 😅

  • Smii7y:there's co-op Me:"co-op"

  • Smitty I think you should use the as val I found it on my search while trying to find the best guns in the game I went into a plunder match and I went to airport I landed on the tower I got 10 kills the downside is The recoil is horrible and there's not a lot of ammo but it makes up with its fire rate and damage so this is a suggestion from Jaden I think you should try it please if you're seeing this

  • "We're like Nazi zombies, but not zombies..... Wait"

  • i play this game with my friends me cool. also online was out for a pretty long time.

  • is it free

  • Why was this as funny as terminater clip

  • 6:04 has to be a smittyminus clip please!!!

  • Who draws Smii7y's milkbag? I know he came up with his youtube icon himself but the art in the videos themselves. Does he do it himself too?

  • You should play Granny Simulator with the bois. Markiplier has a video about it and it’s so funny 😂

  • i could not stop lafing at this

  • You can play with guy!

  • I lostttt it at 6:05 😂😂

  • Love to get zooted an watching your videos makes my day ahah but I forget to like your videos 😅

  • Rip Blarg and Matt

  • There’s a light saber in a changing room 👍🏻

  • This video was top 10 funniest on your channel ngl

  • " i think we're good- "

  • “Ah Banana!” *And those were his last words*


  • Kryoz and smii7y is just the same person

  • I was dying of laughter throughout the video

  • 6:04 Manz Got ROCKED LMFAOOO

  • The nazi joke was executed brilliantly well done lads


  • No one wants to talk about how smi7y R. Kellyed panda!?😂😂😂😂😂

  • Play more power wash simulator please

  • He looks like the old man from monster house

  • Smii7y are you trying to tell me after playing so much war zone you loose your mind and commit atrocities once you're an elder??

  • I wana see this but with power washing simulator that would be a good video

  • Smii7y can you play csgo again.

  • More just more

  • Love your content smii7y

  • Make A new Apex legends for god sake radius oh I hate tap to speak on phones fuck

  • Oh, that’s a russian game?!

  • Can you play more party animals

  • whats the vote for minigame thing

  • Love this shit keep em comin

  • I think smii7y and kryoz made a blood pact to never change and they did it wrong so they're just the same person now

  • 5:40 nobody gonna talk about how he just holding kryoz' tiny corpse in his left hand, huh edit: if you havent already done this game, please for the love of god play paint the town red it will be fucking glorious

  • I'm still waiting on the dingle bells album.

  • 7:46 To Be Continued

  • Does Matt have his own channel?

  • There is a vid grizzy wheezing that’s a hour long

  • Lol 9:30

  • I just got off a flight and it took 5hrs and it’s 2 in the morning for the uk and the first thing I do is go watch a smi77y vid

  • please make more of these videos the are amazing

  • Watching this with Covid 👍🏼

  • SMii7Y is Latin for milk bag

  • Please play 7 days to die it would be so funny

  • I was more curmudgeon simulators

  • More!


  • Imagine smii7y playing truck simulator xD

  • Echo Vr

  • jiggly's laugh fucking sets something off everytime i swear

  • Day 4 of asking you to play phantom forces

  • Moment's before disaster 7:46

  • Im so mad that if you die on grass you dont get an achievment like "Get of my lawn"

  • Cracking an old one with the boys

  • 7:46 The cut off 💀

  • #milkgang

  • I’m crying with how hard I’m laughing

  • 11:27 so no head?

  • Who let the old Men out

  • the only time sad during a SMii7Y video is when it ends

  • 9:13 Panda struggling to find a suitable reaction to the sight he has just witnessed is my new spirit animal

  • That would be a fun one to see what you think, the games not to old either but still would be a funny vid whenever but still hope you play it and upload some time whenever I’d love to see it! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Moar. Moar pls

  • Can’t wait for the live action version these guys make in 60 years

  • Dani would be proud (Btw:go wishlist karlson on sream now gamers)

  • 6:04 8:11 10:19

  • This video needed an intro similar to the "Bad Guys School" video

  • delicious

  • "We're like nazi zombies but we're not zombies"

  • My face are tired for laughing