This video is filled with Evil UNO Energy

Publisert 8. okt.. 2021
+4 UNO +4 UNO +4 UNO
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  • Emperor Uno 4 : the dark side of the force has many abilities some may consider unnatural

  • now this is the first time i watch spooky uno

  • not the game literally give them the bad juju

  • Smii7y is literally a variant of Loki Istg 😂❤️ best video so far!!

  • If Smii7y gets the opposite cards of the one he used as his profile pic, maybe he should try setting all common cards as his pfp so he could get all the action cards to win the game

  • Mad

  • The +4 card looks like an abstract painting of smii7y's milk bag logo, all the colors are there, but it's like those weird paintings with the simple shapes and shit

  • They papa Smurf thing had me weazing 10:35 When it started

  • There’s a video in your ads

  • Run this ads says byze smii7y with no ads

  • i remember PC uno being you could stack a +2 on a +4 to do 6 and that'd be the max, or 2+2+2

  • Whenever i see smii7y play uno i always think of the half of 8

  • The moment you get a plus 4 to play. game bugged out, denying you the ability to play

  • lol. best ending xDxD

  • I always knew Uno was the root of non gaming

  • 19:45 the most wholesome smii7y moment I’ve ever seen

  • Oi smii7y your shit never fails to make me laugh

  • I fucking love you Smii7y. Hope you have a great day.

  • The most true title to date.

  • 8:21 I love how Smitty went from pterodactyl to Cleric beast. 🤣🤣🤣

  • I sensed that -4 energy days before this was filmed

  • I love ur suffering

  • When you shoot the clicker in the last of us 8:22

  • 14:34 lol i shall say that everytime im right now

  • It is clear to me that Uno can't handle Smii7y's level of dark chaotic energy. *_It's literally breaking the game!!!_*

  • Man Byze is hilarious

  • You guys summoned Chomper the A.I.

  • Will it be more Rdr online content?

  • First match- game 1 - SMii7Y 0 Second match- game 2 - SMii7Y 0 Third match- game: here, have a +4 for your troubles. Psych. Fourth games and up- game -79 - SMii7Y 0

  • 19:33 / BRO, WHY DID YOU SAY EGG SALAD??? I was thinking about the egg salad in my fridge, not 20 seconds beforehand and I was dealing with the issue of being lazy and making myself think about it to go get it and you just happened to mention egg salad.. WTH??

  • That ending was so good

  • Try playing battlefield V

  • This vid is so funny lol

  • Homer

  • Essa partida foi terrivelmente bugada (a random brazilian)

  • Smii7y you should try out valorant

  • I miss rainbow six 😭

  • The manifesting worked a little TOO well this time 😂😂😂

  • good to see ai chomper

  • Try 2v2 uno skip vs plus 4

  • Hey i know you prob dont care but you were my childhood and i just wanna say you mean alot to me

  • Make Far Cry 6 vid smi7

  • Never have I ever seen anyone this happy to "kill dog".

  • Smii7y, you should go back and play blade and sorcery with mods. There's some really cool one like the outer rim that add lightsabers into it. I've been watching your old VR videos and saw that you never played around really with mods.

  • Smii7y “ what the fuck is a webster” Me “ me I is a webster”

  • 19:33 smii7y is spending too much time with the Goons. 😂

  • Call me crazy, but i think this "Evil Uno Energy" was achieved by a mod.

  • I just love it when I get the notification that says "someone has liked your comment" or "someone has subscribed!" ❤😍 makes me happy. 💭💭💬3

  • I feel like I've seen this before. This gives me Deja Vu

  • I like when you play with blarg more than byze like byze cool but blarg needs to get up in diss bih

  • Black uno force energy

  • “merge” -BYZE

  • I love how Smii7y actually got a lot of +4 cards

  • 8:33 he do be having a blue 6 and 9

  • I swear every time any of them gets to one card it’s like Ludwig’s subathon getting to one minute. It goes back up so incredibly fast lol

  • Join the Dark Order!

  • More teardown please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • when we getting a Milk Bag Vtuber model

  • Rah. I was having a fun time, and I get a fukin sad Add about ppl dying on Rail Roads tracks :/

  • 6:26 Oh I need a ..... I f***ing lost it.

  • 14:09 totally calm.

  • day 25 off asking you to play with swagger


  • Byze you piece of crap, i got an add the second you said run them adds. AGHH!!

  • We're all grateful Smitty finally got his W+4

  • Smii7y never ceases to make me laugh

  • 12:52, that laugh and transition to his plane voice made me die laughing

  • +4 has black airforce energy

  • The Real dark energy is Kryoz's pfp 3:32

  • Why does that Simpson puppet look so much like byze sounds??

  • I think you should change it to sometime with good luck like a doge or happy pepe maybe🤔🤷🏽‍♂️

  • We love your suffering

  • Let’s go big co*k energy!!!

  • What the hell even happened-

  • Dude I swear Smii7y turned into Gargamel from the Smurfs at 12:30, which is really convenient considering what happened earlier in the video.

  • just bought merch

  • Yeah fun, but where the power washer videos at?

  • Smitty: screams Ad: let me cut you off right there

  • "Oh I need a (A10 warthog doing a gun run)"

  • SMii7Y there is a new season

  • Who wants to another stick fight? Besides me...

  • 19:33 you're welcome xD

  • Bruh I was subbed for so long yet NOwine said otherwise

  • Day 38 of trying to get smit7y to reply to the comment

  • SMii7y u better make another teardown video lol

  • Where is the raft video?

  • #thankmas

  • 😳

  • Just turn the profile picture upside down 🙃

  • The funniest thing about this is that I watched Byze’s video first so from his pov, smii7y never played a +4. So canonically, smii7y never played any +4s Except for that one time

  • 15:37 is my favorite part 😂😂😂

  • i was not ready for that "all blue dabadiedabudai"

  • It's simple change your profile to uno reverse Card

  • Hey man you want Chaotic power

  • This might have been said already but Smii7y is going to get rid of the +4 and change it to a green +2 because he might have better luck with that

  • 17:28 was very funny John thank you

  • When is it going to be in irl UNO

  • This video mental aids...its great

  • 8:24 Ichigo’s dub hollow transformation be like

  • ngl seeing Byze do the same torture maneuver 1000 times is just getting infuriating instead of entertaining at this point