Mario Golf is not golf... It's better

Publisert 10. juli. 2021
Mario Golf Super Rush is like golf but it's not. Y'know what I mean?
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  • What is with this dude and golf

  • SMii7y I love you and your all knowing lucky BS

  • spaghetti

  • Omh. This made me spit on my phone. 🤣

  • 3:31 what a beautiful move 8:38 now you are a bastard.

  • im often annoyed that everything needs a tutorial but then i see things like waluigi's special move which literally just looks like the game breaking and then i understand a little more. (his special move makes everyone's power bar look like its glitching)

  • I have watched so much of Smitty playing Golf that now I'm getting Ads for golf balls and professional golf gear.

  • 2:33 Pov: Monke fart for power

  • 5:53 byze sounds like a villian from cars 2

  • 2:30 Is that nosk’s music from hollow knight?

  • Mario golf is golf on speed

  • Ah golf and Mario friendships will be ruined

  • Yooo, I found SMii7Yplus’s smaller channel!!

  • *see's vid* *starts watching* *has existential crisis because I feel I've seen this before but there is no trace anywhere that I have watched it and I don't remember watching it but I remember watching it* me: awww shit here we go again I think

  • What is yall top score on that Of course mine is -25

  • I’m getting so many golf adds for watching this.....

  • It's called a level, not a leveler

  • M O N K E

  • 😀

  • You are mr mill bag

  • more? but everyone uses ethernet adapter

  • Don’t look now but- That one friend in the group: 15:36

  • Please do moreeeeee

  • "So, about this game. It's like golf, but it's not. At all. You know I mean?" You have my attention

  • More powerwash vids please👀🙏🏼

  • Too easy (sent from some1)

  • 6:28 Bro I'm from Egypt and been following u for 5 years now and this is probably the first time i hear u mention it😂❤️ And gotta say it's sandy and hot right now in Egypt lol 😂😂

  • 14:18 Harvey Weinstein Be Like.........

  • Is it just me or did this sound....odd? 3:45

  • Who’s gonna tell ‘em that the “laggy power bar” was from Wario’s special shot?

  • His vids help me cope with the Sydney lockdown

  • The pretty low electronically warn because bathroom statistically pretend inside a hilarious committee. talented, drab shade

  • Anthony's Wario is like that one dad who acts cool in golf but actually a sleeper

  • Somehow the like button looks like abused by fans

  • bruh 16:10 got me dying from john😂

  • ive gotten back into smii7tys channel recently n i love it

  • 15:36 he knows your search history

  • The ragged europe especially reach because jam conversely learn during a reminiscent stopsign. wistful, tranquil nation


  • 3:33 that’s waluigis final smash IF HE WAS IN SMASH

  • I swear to god Smii7y the kind of insults you can dish out with zero hesitation XD

  • I want that laugh as my text sound

  • wario looks like swagger souls

  • this made me realize that donkey kong looks like jimmy neutron but monke

  • Didn't even bother to read what wario's super does and everyone thought it was a bug XD. that was pretty funny.

  • 69 nice.

  • Smitty got a bank shot in golf somehow

  • Nice 69k likes

  • PS play as the big boy bomb

  • Play MORE!!! Love your channel

  • Smiity please do another gang beasts vid I need a reminder of happiness from 2016 to keep me going

  • Alright now I don't know how long its going to take however I'm gonna keep asking till it happens. Year: 0 Month: 0 Week: 0 Day: 0 Hour: 0 of asking. Day 1 of asking: Can you read solo leveling?

  • When john sneezed it sounded like the stormtrooper death cry

  • Bro your channel is going off

  • Anybody concerned where smii7y is?? Like a whole week feels unusual

  • it s winde owt heree

  • Day 25 of asking Smii7y to do a hollow knight series

  • Yo smitty i hope you like portal and bo3 cuz this game called splitgate is a misture of those games and its sooo good


  • Whereeeeseses smotttyeyebsis hes beeen a whole week 🥺

  • Where's smitty

  • He should cut the bottom of the trees in minecraft and just leave floating trees.

  • Disney princess sings: Every Animal in a mile radius:

  • Smii7y you should try gorn (vr)

  • Here me out Golf it but only trick shots

  • You should play Wildcat's game with Glitch for a video!

  • You can go ultra instinct in this game its insane

  • Pls play muck

  • Day 24 of asking Smii7y to do a hollow knight series

  • Mario golf story was pretty good, also you gotta play the whole story to use your MII

  • Yooo SMii7Y I'm new on NOwine and I was wondering if you can do a shout out, or be in one of ur videos?

  • Do you guys not get that a little to much is better a little to less

  • Smii7y where is the powerwash simulator vid. Huh!?

  • Imagen if warzone did a golf mode lol

  • Your videos good just the the very first part sucks

  • Play more minecraft

  • We neeed a power wash vid

  • Play muck

  • Sees Mario Golf Video. *Mario Golf on N64 memories begin playing*

  • Play muck

  • ordered this game online comes tomorrow. very excited

  • Yooo SMii7Y, you should make a video on cooking simulator. I think you’d make a grerrreat video from that game on steam. I’ll even gift it to you if you’re down.

  • Imma need some more expired milk

  • Lol

  • Jk lol

  • Part 2 no balls

  • I feel like I got a little too excited when he said there'd be a new video on power washing simulator...

  • I think you found a subscriber

  • awsome

  • I’m waiting for power washing

  • Got one of your plushies Smii7y

  • Power wash simulator now

  • Smii7y not understanding the game mechanics then blaming the game preformance is both triggering and also half of why I like his content.

  • Cant wait for smii7y to play mario party superstars when it comes out

  • I was already sold on this game from the trailer but now I'm buying it today from watching this video lmao

  • Still holding out for Mario Superstar Baseball to make a comeback on Switch.

  • smii7y u can play as ur mii, just go to the big circle that says mii(in the character menu)

  • When I like every smi7y video no matter what instinctly

  • For the REcord Smitty, you have to play Story mode first before thinkin about using ytour Mii..and evne then you'll probably want to train and make it good so that you can just blow the others out of the water with it.. either that or they' blow you out of the water.

  • Imagine walking through the woods and suddenly you hear 10:59