This Mario Party game officially ended our friendship

Publisert 10. sep.. 2021
The epic continuation of the absolute friendship destroyer that is Mario Party
Part 1 here:

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"Friends" in the video:

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  • Someone needs to animate this!

  • Me:don't say it, don't say it My mind: squid game 22:36

  • bro the come back, i belived from the start (perhaps)

  • Byze was fucking good sports about it. Gotta give it to him !!!!

  • In all honesty smittys ream deserves the win byzes legit just got hand me outs

  • lmfao best mario party game ever!

  • They keep talking about the ally star as if they give it to the person with the most when it's basically just a raffle with each ally as a ticket. It's totally pssible they could've picked Daisy

  • I love the lets plays with Panda


  • 17:16 when Panda have Super Saiyan

  • 1:52 Me when i see *BearFist*

  • When “modest mole” came up i lost it ahahahhaah

  • 10:39 Snoop Dogg Quotes


  • 2:42 me when I see my friend fell from second floor

  • anthony is actually such a sore loser

  • I feel so bad for panada

  • spaghetti

  • Anyone notice the reflection of king boo on bumper brawl at the end was light blue instead of white 😬

  • 1:52 > You have... That's what- > You- Bear fist? > You-- > Nubs? Bear... > Bear nubs? You two frickin' suck at this now...

  • 100% worth the watch

  • I cant believe I watched both episodes and that shit was great.

  • Luigi is cursed, Used his dice to get double stars

  • Modest mole killed me 😂😂 over here trying to be quiet while my wife works I interrupted her

  • Why did I get a alpha foods ad that had the character Wendy’s and the character of McDonald’s and the character of KFC

  • This was more epic than infinity war and endgame

  • What a turn of events! That was a lot of fun to watch!

  • Just gonna say, and it's basic math, two odds always make an even, two evens also always make an even, an even and an odd always make an odd. If you're trying to roll odds, roll an odd and an even, you'll end up with odds.

  • im glad this was longer. Shorter games are rng intensive and do not allow for the really fun and insane comebacks that can occur to happen very often.

  • Please keep making videos with 20 turns lol :P

  • im glas smii7y won bryze and anthoney were shittalkin

  • smii7y you should buy the new super Mario superstars when it comes out on Nintendo switch on October 28!!!!

  • not me screaming that adding two odds equal an even number


  • 18:00

  • I’m just starting to realize that Matt and Anthony has never been a session before.

  • 32:31 And at that point I would've quit... Edit: 44:48 Welp l've just learned a lesson: Never Quit

  • 6:54. What does these 3 titles have in common? Pie Hard, Looking For Love and Nut Cases :)


  • He’s the second in command, you know him well

  • Kyroz wasn't even shit talking he's just being a sore looser 😂

  • Winston Churchill and what not

  • Lmao well deserved smii7y and Kryoz 🤌🏽

  • I have watched this video for the tenth time

  • 35:27 need I say more?

  • This was a well-fought victory. Underdogs of the Decade! Congratulations, Smitty and John!

  • 11:55 im fucking sick lmaooo


  • Smii7y I really appreciate you and your content, it inspires me to continue to make content in the most chaotic way possible.

  • aaaahhhhhh that game man ahhhh

  • 35:27 hm sus

  • Like I said in the last video I'm here for the chaos

  • i learn english here

  • i want someone to disect the game and figure out just how much handholding the game does for the players... like its not reasonable that this shit happens.

  • I NEED more of you guys playing this game, i could sit and watch yall play this for hours bro

  • 17:41

  • I think it’s funny that there was a syphilis ad before the vid and it played the same music that Smitty uses in the outro. 😂

  • How tf did the no plot mario party hangout session have an insane plot twist

  • I laughed my fucking ass off watching this.

  • I hate this game!

  • I couldn't stop laughing when Panda abruptly left at the end

  • Let’s play

  • Let’s come one

  • pog

  • Bro I was so happy when they said mojong idk why-

  • i swear this was more intense than any tournament. :) long videos are fun keep them coming


  • Incredible.

  • That last minute comback man.


  • Please tell me this title was just clickbait. Please tell me their friendship is not actually ending

  • The perfect end to a long ass Nintendo game. A Win pulled out the ass, and a communications error

  • 35:27 looks like there's bouta be a part 2

  • I appreciate being able to sit down for 30 minutes and watch a whole video. Much better than a best moments video that’s like 10 minutes only

  • 16:56 leave it to smii7y rage to wake me up by laughing. TOOOAAAADD!!!

  • Uses Luigi's dice to get to the star in the last turn Smii7y: Luigi is fucking cursed and gets rid of him immediately

  • Day 3 and I just now finally watched the full video

  • Fun fact : x4 saved em'.

  • I was a rebel and watched this without context and it still was A1. I’m impressed!

  • Anyone: does something Me: 17:17

  • Did he just call Kirby a Mario character?

  • Please make more of these

  • I like how friends is on quoete quoete in the description lol

  • Why didn’t they just golden pipe to the double start near the end

  • The comeback was insane

  • How could I not come back and watch 4 friendships destroy themselves

  • SMii7Y's literally gonna become the most entertaining YTer of the year.

  • smii7y 100% orange juice is a more chaotic mario party the charectar's are all anime inspired but there are mods out ther that changes them to other character's it's currently on sale 75%

  • "Kirby not the only Mario character that sucks" You do know Kirby _isn't_ a Mario character, right?

  • The goose game has a mode to have two peopleeeeee

  • SMii7y , I would like to say something that I've completely stoped getting your video's notifications .. I don't know why , I've not been getting any notification for like your last 4 videos..

  • 17:14 had me dying 🤣🤣🤣

  • Very nice comeback and in the last round too. Nice!

  • petition to revoke smii7y’s gamer card for calling kirby a fucking mario character like to sign

  • Omg the place that fucker without mustache isn't

  • If anyone asks why I don't play Mario party ill show them this video

  • This game never fails to tear and break bonds

  • this is the 2nd recorded fight online

  • Mario pardy

  • Watching this is pissing me off. Especially because smitty and John are 100 times better than byze and anthony (still love them) and they’re the one bitching the whole time being 2 stars up lol I can’t handle it