Mario Golf is not golf... It's worse

Publisert 24. aug.. 2021
I will never forgive Mario Golf for this.
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  • "Don't step in the water, my guy is illiterate. He doesn't know how to swim" So thats why the Lifeguard at the public pool near where I live was always reading a book, and here I thought he just didn't give a shit.

  • Aim a little BELOW the flag on the bar

  • 8:36

  • I’m surprised he hasn’t made a video with the russsian badger

  • 8:30 who be strangling mickey mouse?

  • johns a sore loser. thats what makes it funny.

  • 8:28 Mic swallow.

  • spaghetti

  • I wanna see smii max up his mii characters stat

  • Anyone ever notice johns voice is always lower than the other boys in the discord call?

  • 0:22 - 0:29 Maybe, have everybody use their Miis, for the next one? 3:57 / 3:58 _”Cause I’m_ *WARDIGGER.”* 8:13 / 8:14 Ballas be like:

  • more smii7y egg man in mario golf! XD

  • His mii looks like it's seen some things


  • 8:09 me when I watch someone get hit by car

  • 3:30 me when I see my brother get seizure

  • Make another video with your mii upgraded

  • when john almost fell off and he made that sound i PISSED. AHAHAHAHA

  • If you're reading this, I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so it will only take a few minutes to check them out! It would mean a lot if you could! I'm just starting so any little bit of support and advice would mean the world! Thanks :)

  • 12:30 had me dying broooo. i was drinking milk (sorry smii7y) and i nearly spat it out. Wait. When Smii7y has cereal with milk is that the equivelant of me eating pubic hair with human blood? Is Smii7ys pubes cereal? If so what brand?

  • That's how mario golf worked on the hand held a and even on the n64 when using the transfer pack. I know it seems like a new weird mechanic. But it's been there since the game boy color.

  • I got a golfing ad!!!

  • You think he learned how to do alternate spins other than standard,

  • Doesn’t he sound like Alex Mercer from prototype?

  • Nice vid haha

  • Yes Smitty he does look like he should be off pudding

  • This is an interaction comment for the YT algorithm.. hi smitty

  • I forgot how funny you are with Other people

  • Power wash look different

  • John was so fucking salty I fucking love it XD

  • thats cool but can you Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +159%; launches an additional Super Attack within the same turn after receiving attack; plus an additional ATK +59% and medium chance[3] of launching an additional Super Attack as the 2nd or 3rd attacker in a turn; Ki +1 at start of each turn (up to +3) plus an additional ATK +59% when there is an Extreme Class enemy; performs a critical hit when there is an enemy whose name includes "Frieza" (Frieza Soldier excluded)

  • Is this the wii?!

  • Im not sure to like this or not for hating to a golf experience game 😂

  • I don't think he would be doing the story of this game is a good solo stream idea

  • Me who is adopted: at least I was wanted. I don’t take jokes like adoption very well. Be glad that you’re alive.

  • Anthony sounded like smoky for a second saying the b buttons on the wrong spot

  • I've replayed 10:07 so many times 😂

  • Prediction compilation 4:20

  • The thumbnail is literally Hitler in a fucking sports jersey 😂

  • Imma name your mii Chubbly

  • 1 like= 1 shot to end milkbags bullying, only to get bullied by blarg

  • Matt's fucking good tho wtf

  • Why does the 'Hole Forfeit' look like the "Woah Jamal, don't pull out the 9"

  • Smiz7y it’s been 16 days since you posted another power wash video We desire more.

  • Jiggly saying "Are you free tonight?" had me laughing so hard.

  • Yo SMii7y, my birthday is today and I’ve been laughing and enjoying your videos. Keep it up bro, you a real legend.👍

  • Wario is 9 or 10

  • It's nice knowing that if I come home after a bad day at school and work I've got your vids to watch

  • POWERWASH SIM!!!!!!!!

  • Smii7y got that content you get buzzed and watch, Laugh your f**king ass off, its official his content is the drunk food of youtube, and i love it

  • Post another power washing video

  • Watching him try to put it straight everytime is hilarious

  • SMii7y u have to must play "12 minutes" pls. I promise it will be great content for u and us

  • smii7y more like *one of the only youtubers i'll watch because everyone else is shit holy hell*

  • E

  • "Wario can be as young as 4 and as old as 9"

  • Bro, Mario Golf trick shots?

  • 4:19 another one for the prediction complimation!

  • Mario golf is just built different

  • Has anyone heard about skate 4 gonna be playable on pc?

  • i love his videos there so funny

  • day 1 of saying finish off bioshock

  • Smi7y do you want to play with I a loner a Commoner

  • anyone else noticed john's character just fly up to the tornado at 10:28? *WHEEZE*

  • I wonder if Smitty ever went back to start his training montage in the Storymode hahahah

  • Yo smiity I have a perfect game for u where u can annoy ur friends as much as possible and enjoy it try playing “Muck” 😂 it’s free on steam and it’s too much fun and hardcore plz o and if u do play it when u see a statue just press “E” on it :D


  • I looks like he has the mumps

  • Yeet is making a come back

  • Congrats on 4 mil (Predicting the future)

  • Irl golf lets see it

  • So extremely disappointed that this is only 16 minutes

  • I wanna see John blarg and smii7y play apex

  • Instead if the one inch punch, its the one inch pinch

  • smiity: constantly trying to mess everyone else up also smiity: I WAS BULLIED

  • Play intruder again plz 🥺🥺

  • I dont give a fuuuuuck keisha lol

  • Change your club to a wedge if you have to shoot a high shot. Drivers shoot far, but the ball goes at a very low angle with them

  • Bro I don't play powerwash simulator levels until I watch you play them so please play powerwash simulator

  • hey smii7y you should play physics lab vr

  • This was the name of one of John's vids lol

  • 4:18 Smii7y prediction: I’mma chip this bitch right in. *Get’s the ball in* Smii7y: OH!! OMG I GOT IT!!! WHAAAAT!?!?

  • A lot of you're videos have been really boring lately. I don't know what it is but maybe it's the "jokes".

  • 4:19 the amazing

  • “The “B” button’s in the wrong spot”

  • “Why can’t I just have one hole”

  • They even gave golf a breath of the wild world golf


  • I forgot how great smii7y was at predicting stuff.

  • John used to be funny, now he's just so fucking annoying it's distracting... He's washed up

  • for future reference, you can hold up or down to make the ball go at a higher or lower angle, so you could have lobbed it over the rock when you got stuck

  • Honestly, you should record leveling up your Mii.

  • I got you a joke smii7y well not really its gust a little funny wut is monster energy...diabetes in a can (say it in a hill belly accent)

  • Love it

  • fun fact: Wario can be as young as 4 and as old as 9

  • Great Vid Smii7y

  • 0:45 sad milkbag 😔

  • Can’t wait for the next Mario Party video

  • I hate how quiet Smitty keeps John. You can barely hear him

  • Do more red dead redemption 2 plzzz